February 25, 2015

So Lovely It Hurts …


When you have a birthday that is six days before Valentine’s Day, you usually get flowers midway between birthday and Love Day to count for both. I’m not complaining because I love flowers. I have encouraged The Hubby to think outside the flower box by avoiding roses. They’re not my favorite – too cliché. This year I received a nice bouquet of white lilies from my sweetie.

They were all closed when I first received them so I was a little bit like, “Meh”. Then they began to open and I fell in love with them, moving them all over the house during the day so I could enjoy them and even picking the leftovers apart to put in an arrangement with tulips for our Valentine’s Day dinner table.

Before that I snuck them upstairs for an impromptu photo shoot. I often go to my room or bathroom for pictures because that is where the best light in the house is. It’s not unusual to find me standing in my tub photographing things. I’m weird, but natural light is so good. I just knew these flowers would look so gorgeous against my bedroom paint – a moody blue/gray/green (Glidden’s Oyster Bay) – and I was right!

lillies side

Sometimes when I take photographs like these that are close up and nature inspired, I feel such an awe and reverence for the creations God saw fit to give us. A few of these lilies had the faintest blush of pink on their edges. They were so dainty and feminine.

I sat in my room staring at them, photographing them and just being grateful. The beauty of it almost hurt it was so great. I wish I could always remember to be grateful like that. I wish I could always see the beauty and not get caught up in the ugly and negative.

I wish I had flowers like this to remind me all the time!

  lillies front


Apis Melliflora said...

Nature has the best color combinations, knowing just how to make us ache and be grateful at the same time.

Delicate and bold!

The Queen Vee said...

You have a eye for beauty.

Janie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks things are so beautiful it hurts sometimes. I remember listening to some music once and tears were running down my face because it was so beautiful and my little girl said, "Mom! This is nothing to cry about!"