February 10, 2015

I Like To Photograph Food . . .


Fun fact: I like to photograph food. Food is pretty and colorful. It is an easy model because it doesn’t blink or have stray hairs or a runny nose. Food always looks straight into the camera (and straight into my soul). And if I photograph it, I get to eat it!

I think I have an addiction to clementines. We’ve eaten quite a few this winter. I’m sure none of us will be getting scurvy. They are a perfect little compact snack, and because they come in segments, I feel like I’m getting a lot. Plus, when artistically arranged on a vintage cutting board, they’re just pretty!


Fun Fact: my two brothers, who now live and work together in Utah, have started a Salad Club. Yes, I’m being completely serious. They bring their layered salads to work in mason jars and then mix them up to eat for lunch together. It sounds girly, but it also sounds yummy.

I love salads. Fun fact: Salad is one of my Hubby’s favorite foods! Because we eat a lot of salads, I have to mix it up frequently. The boring last minute salad is lettuce, cucumbers, carrots and dressing. It’s probably the salad the kids like best, but the Hubby and I hate it.

Here are two salads I photographed that I had for lunch recently. I submitted these pictures to my brothers to see if I could be part of their Salad Club. Both salads were made by me just going through the fridge and using what I had on hand or leftover.

The top salad was Romaine lettuce, leftover quesadilla filling of sweet corn, black beans and green chiles, cucumber, a little chile verde ranch drizzle and a scoop of salsa. Mmmm, just typing that made me hungry! It was a delicious salad.

The salad below was spinach, gorgonzola, strawberries and granola  with chopped pecans and a little poppy seed drizzle. I call it a drizzle because I use less than a tablespoon of dressing. This salad was so flavorful it almost didn’t need a dressing at all! I was trying to copy Chic-Fil-A’s salad, but didn’t have apples or blueebrries. It was YUM.


Let’s just call this last food photo dessert. This is what a homemade peanut butter cup looks like. I actually know a real live human who makes real homemade peanut butter cups! And guess what? This bad boy put Reese’s to shame. See? See the benefits of loving to photograph food?



Apis Melliflora said...

I love all the pictures (and the food in them), but I think I like the clementine best. It's so simple and refreshing. Plus I can even see its eyelashes. My kids always want me to remove the eyelashes.

AllisonK said...

love your photos! You have a wonderful eye for composition.

SALAD club! I love salads. I need to get my people to love them with me. You should make a cookbook.

The Queen Vee said...

I love food.

Your food photos made me hungry,

They are really, really good.

TracyS. said...

Your photographs are amazing- so much detail captured.