October 9, 2014

The Inquisitive, Imaginative Knight . . .


He is at a magical age. He loves to play with his imagination all day long. One minute he’s a ninja turning some serious moves in front of the mirror in my bedroom. The next minute he is an astronaut fighting aliens in space. He sings little songs to himself and tells funny jokes that only he gets. It is my favorite time and I am really glad that we are spending it together.

He has also started asking the really good questions. “Mom, why did got make us have feet?” “Momma, what is that pink stuff that’s keeping my eyeball in my head?” “Mommy, do you ever wish you were a koala baby so you could be inside your momma’s soft pouch?” “Mom, could Jesus make it so you aren’t allergic to dogs because then we could have a puppy?” “Mom, how do they make those little lights that make up the colored circles in the stop lights?” “Mom, I don’t have to like green “venchables” now because I will like them when I am big so I will grow, right?” Every question is so sincere and so funny.

My Mom and Dad gave him a plasma car for his birthday after he fell in love with one at our reunion in Arizona this Summer. It sat unused in the garage for a month because it was too hot out. Now that the weather has cooled off, he is on that car every single day, zooming up and down the side walks at breakneck speeds.

Big C was outside with his camera last week while Owlie was riding the plasma car, this time a rubber sword in hand because of course he was a knight on a very fast horse. I love these captured moments so much. They are a great representation of who this boy is right now: determined, with a fierce concentration and a zeal for life!


Arrgh!  He is a mighty warrior!


And don’t forget – a complete and total rascal! He’s growing up so fast. But he still has a firm hold on my heart.



The Queen Vee said...

It is a magical time. I remember Matt asking non-stop questions at that age, so fun to see how a 5 year olds mind works. Great photos, especially the one where he looks like his Papa Ken.

Ronalin said...

Oh, I absolutely LOVE the last picture. Man we miss Ollie, he made us smile and laugh all the time. Too bad Lucy can't tag along with her plasma car and her princess wand.

Apis Melliflora said...

His expressions are priceless. You have perfectly captured the life of his imagination!

TracyS. said...

I love his expressions! And his great questions. What a cute boy!