September 9, 2014

Capturing Scripture Power …


What does this picture say to you? To me it says, “Stop. Just stop what you are doing and take time to read the scriptures to your smallest child. He will be still and listen. Even the smallest can understand the words of God.”

It also says, “Time to get your roots done, Samantha!” Seriously.

A few weeks ago we had a photographer come to our house. He is serving a mission for our Church. His mission is to take photographs for use by the Church in publications, on multi-media platforms, in advertising – basically for use to spread the Gospel with positive messages.

He came to capture some moments with me and the children reading our scriptures. I love these pictures so much! I am thinking about having them printed to put in the kids rooms. We can all use reminders to read our scriptures! My RedDog has a tender heart and loves the scriptures. He already has a better habit with them than I ever did at his age.


We are doing very well with reading the scriptures together every day as a family right now using the yearly schedule and questions found on Instagram  at BofM365. I think the kids like that we are using technology to assist us in our study. The questions are thought provoking and always tie what the day’s reading passage to solving problems in our day.

Hannie B. is our habitual scripture reader. She read the Book of Mormon with me in thirty days last year. She finds scriptures all the time to use on her mormon_gurl Instagram account to motivate and uplift others. And when her Seminary teacher came to meet her a few weeks before school started, she challenged Hannie B. to read the scriptures every day for one hundred days straight. My girl hasn’t missed a day yet! She also has a better habit of scripture study than I did at her age.


Here is Big C. reading the scriptures on an iPhone. It is so convenient today to take your scriptures with you any and everywhere! God is finding ways to make His word known and accessible to His children all over the world. It is one of my favorite things about technology these days!


In case you’re interested in knowing, here are my favorite platforms for spiritual insight lately:

Instagram: @BofM365, @mormonnewsroom, @LDSCHURCH, @mormon_gurl

Facebook: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints page


You Tube: Mormon Messages, Mormon Channel

Pandora: Mormon Tabernacle Choir station

And hey, if you’re wondering why there are so many Mormon suggestions, it’s because I’m a Mormon! Also, my church puts out some very beautiful, thought provoking, spiritually uplifting material for all the world to watch, enjoy, and feel the love of God and the Savior, Jesus Christ! Go check it out!

All photos by Shane Hintze. Thanks, Shane!


Ronalin said...

So beautiful, the pictures captured your family and their faith so well. I would love to see Chris' didn't show up. Thanks for your testimony of faith and scripture reading, great reminder!

The Queen Vee said...

What great examples from the next generation for those of us from an older generation.

Love the photos, Thank you Shane!

RYS = Read your Scriptures

AllisonK said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! What treasures!!!!

Apis Melliflora said...

I hope they use the pictures of your family a lot because, although "fame" is not desirable, if I had to be famous for 15 minutes for something, I would want it to be faith-related. Beautiful pictures and even more beautiful message behind them.

Darci said...

Is Shane related to Patti Hintze in St. Louis Missouri?

TracyS. said...

That is so neat. The pictures are not only beautiful, they capture such sweet moments.