July 16, 2014

It Really Is Rather Grand …


While we were in Arizona for The Hubby’s family reunion, we made the seven hour journey to and from the Grand Canyon with our three older kids to cross of a bucket list item. Owlie stayed behind with cousins because I kept having dreams about him falling over the edge. Serious head case – that’s me.


For the first fifteen minutes after we got to the Canyon, we all pretty much looked like Big C in this picture. Just staring and trying to take in the magnitude of all the absolute beauty and hugeness of it.

I couldn’t even look at it without feeling a bit dizzy. That combined with the dreams about Owlie made me very nervous when anybody would get even close to the edge. In some places there were railings, but in other places there were not and it made me so uncomfortable! At one point we saw a mom with a little boy – maybe seven – sitting RIGHT ON THE EDGE.  GAAAAAAAAA!

Nerves aside, I really loved seeing the Grand Canyon. I think everyone should see it! It is a national treasure for sure.


Here’s Hannie B. standing on a little rock wall. The wall was about five feet in front of an edge with a railing and I was still freaking out while I took this picture. In my mind I kept thinking if she fell and happened to jump at the exact same time, she could go right over the edge. She just wanted to look like she’d gotten sort of close to the edge. Super lame paranoid mom moment.


It is pretty hard to comprehend that this geological masterpeice is due to a river plus millions of years. It is amazing and breathtaking. We were so lucky the day we went because it was about eighty degrees with a slight breeze. We visited the South Rim and it was not crowded at all.


RedDog loved this little viewing spot. As you moved the scope along the scalloped edge of metal, it would guide you to see another famous formation in the Canyon. He’s such a little explorer and adventurer. I’m so glad we took him – even if I didn’t want him to get anywhere near the edge!


The sky was so big and blue. The clouds were cottony fluff. We had an amazing time at the Grand Canyon. I will remember it forever. And I will try really hard to forget my kids fighting in the car the entire way back to Phoenix. Seriously.



The Queen Vee said...

Really FAB photos Samantha.

I feel the same way about the Grand Canyon….incredibly amazing but freaking made me feel like falling.

Kids were tired from driving and reunioning, you and Travis just needed some good ear plugs.

Ronalin said...

A-mazing!! I want to go there but I think I will have the same problem. I always worry that someone will take the wrong step or get too close. I think it is a mom thing!

Apis Melliflora said...

Oh, this photo essay is breathtaking!

Aiketa said...

That last picture... beautiful blue sky, perfect white clouds and the red land... just perfection! It's a desktop background photo!!!
I really liked getting to see it five years ago... Even tough the company that was taking us there was (a bit of) a scam... But the Grand Canyon is impressive!

TracyS. said...

You take gorgeous photos, thank you for sharing.
Hopefully in time, the memory of the car ride home will fade and all that will remain is the happy moments.