June 4, 2014

The Littlest Slugger . . .


So this happened. My baby who should still be sucking on a pacifier, gumming food with his toothless mouth, and falling to sleep in my arms up and joined a T-ball team without asking me. He’s got some nerve.

But he’s so darn cute in his little uniform and so I must watch him play and shout obnoxious things from the stands like, “Run, Owlie, Run! No, the other way!!!” You can see it in his expression in that first photo, right? He’s confused. He’s bewildered. He is wondering what on earth he’s doing on the field.

In short, watching four year olds play T-ball is completely hilarious for so many reasons. For example, just look at the batting helmet on my kid. He looks like a walking bobble head doll. When he runs, that thing is two seconds from flying off into the stands. Awesomesauce.


Then there’s the faces and gestures the boys make. Here’s one Owlie made during a little lecture form his dad about how to hold the glove. You get it all – the daisy pickers, the nose pickers, the dirt kickers, the kid who just sits right down on the pitcher’s mound. So enjoyable.


The really fun thing about T-ball is that there are more dads on the field than boys. And they’re all bossing their kids around and yelling and getting intense. The kids could care less. It’s the dads who care.


My little guy looks super confident on base. It’s a good thing that dad there had just told him which direction to run. Otherwise he could’ve gone from second back to first. Which I would have loved.


Watching little guys hit off a tee is precious combined with totally comical. Some kids actually hit the ball. Some kids aiming a little low and knocking the smack right out of that tee. And other kids don’t know what to hit and swing with all their might until their bodies twist up like a cartoon character after the swing. I love it!


I made Hannie B go to Owlie’s last game with me. She didn’t want to. Until about two seconds into the game when she realized this was going to be the cutest, funniest thing she’d seen in a really long time.

Yep. That boy’s got some nerve.


Apis Melliflora said...


...is little people doing big people things.

Elise said...

Thanks for the good laugh this morning! This post is adorable!!

TracyS. said...

Love it! None of my kids have had interest in baseball, but I think you talked me in to it!

The Queen Vee said...

Great photos DF and the write up….A++++

He's still little, at least the big uniform makes him look little.

Ronalin said...

Cutest post of one of the cutest boys we know! Go get'em slugger!

squeezeme said...

What a scream! Brings back memories of watching my little brothers. Ehhh, batter, batter, swing!