June 24, 2014

Some Randomness Before I Go . . .


Today’s my nineteenth wedding anniversary. Nineteen years has flown by. I love my Hubby more every day and never get tired of being with him. He makes me laugh and treats me like a complete queen. Look at him photo bombing this picture of Hannah. He’s the best!

Also, why is my daughter taking a picture with a piece of pineapple on top of her head? She’s weird. I don’t know where she gets it from.

Tomorrow Hannie B and I leave for Girls Camp. I am half thrilled, half dreading it. I know it will be fun and spiritually uplifting for all thirty of us going. I also know girls will be moody, sleep deprived and crazy. I want to sleep in my own bed for ever and ever amen.

Owlie has started stealing my iPhone and taking fierce selfies. What a riot! He learned from the master, his sister. I just find these random pictures on the phone and laugh really hard. He’s got the funniest personality.


This is what it looks like after a teenager has done Pioneer Trek for three days. I tried waking him up for five minutes. Then I had to get the camera. He was late for something and couldn’t wake up to save his life. He will kill me when he sees this picture, but I love it so much. He is a great kid.


This is what it looks like when I’m in pain. I went to visit a friend from church and when I confessed that I had a horrible kink in my neck that was stressing me out with camp coming up, she attacked it with vigor until I was begging for mercy. To her credit, when she was done working me over, I felt ten thousand times better! I think I carry my stress in my neck and shoulders. Stress, be gone! Stop grinning Erica.


Hope your Summer is off to a great start. We’re in the middle of a month of CRAZY with back to back to back to back weeks of commitments, but then come July 19th, we’re free for the rest of the Summer.

What’s on your schedule?


The Queen Vee said...

I love your random posts.

Great photo bomb Trav, you're the master at it.

Owlet is so funny.

Big C had every right to be exhausted.

Praying for safe travels for you and the girls.

Aiketa said...

I love your random posts too! And specially the funny pictures that you posted today!
Travis photobombing Hannie B's photo is so much fun. But Queen Vee, I know of someone else which is pretty good at it so... I recall a certain picture of a certain concert back in March... Haha too funny!
I didn't realize Hannah had a pinneaple on top of her head until I read it, and checked the photo again. I guess that's sleep deprivation after a night shift.
Owlie is the cutest! He looks bigger at every new photo you post.
Enjoy Girls Camp!

Apis Melliflora said...

May you collapse every night and sleep soundly and fully every night! That's my wish for you at Girl's Camp!

Those goofy kiddos of yours put big smiles on faces over here.

TracyS. said...

I'll bet your bed felt really good when you got home from camp.
Those are priceless photos of the fam! I love their smiles.