April 3, 2014

I Love A Surprise …


Back in January I posted this picture of Owlie and I reading in the tent I made him for  Christmas. I’m glad I set up my tripod to freeze this little moment in time of me with my boy. He won’t remember it, but I can show him the picture and tell him about the memory of us together in the dark basement reading stories.

Last week a friend (and closet blog reader) sent me a surprise in the mail. While raising three kids – her oldest is a Senior this year – she is back in college getting an art degree, I think in Illustration. She is very talented and let The Hubby and I tour her studio and view much of her artwork last Summer when we were visiting in Utah.

She loved this picture of Owlie and I in the tent so much that she “stole” it off my blog and used it as inspiration for an assignment in her print making class. Her surprise to me in the mail last week? A copy of the amazing linocut print!


Of course my photograph does not do it justice! Every single detail is there in light and shadow. She has captured our moment together perfectly. I am taking the print to have it framed today so it can hang in our basement playroom where all the children’s books and the tent reside. Owlie was so excited to see us together again. I can’t wait to have this memory up for him to see every time he’s playing down stairs.

Thank you, Thank you, Rachel for such a sweet gesture, for using your talents to make someone else happy, and for thinking of me. It really means so much. I’m so glad my moment inspired you which in turn inspires me.


Apis Melliflora said...

Handmade personalized art is a wonderful gift. I wonder what the title of this piece is?

The Queen Vee said...

Very cool and very thoughtful of Rachel to send you a print .

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like it. I will try not to be a closet reader and comment once in awhile. :-)

Aiketa said...

I totally get why she used your picture. It's so beautiful! It's kinda magical! I don't know... I just love it!