March 11, 2014

Thoughts On Fairies And Wishes . . .


This is the dainty roof of a fairy house nestled on the hill in my back yard. It was built with love and care by two sisters who imagined it and dreamed it worlds apart, then spontaneously made it reality together one warm day in early March, fancying it up with precious adornments of vinca vine, ivy leaves and tiny little acorn fairy hats.

These sisters believed that if they built a little fairy house, a real fairy would come and find shelter in its twig lined walls and stay dry under its mossy roof. They hoped the fairy would be happy in her handmade dwelling, always calling this spot her home.


The sisters were grateful. Grateful for the opportunity to build a fairy house in the yard, but not selfishly in hopes of having fairy wishes granted or fairy dust sprinkled over their beds at night. No. They were grateful because in building this house together, their wish had already come true.

The building itself was a fulfilled wish. It was a chance to do something they’d never been able to do together as children because they did not know each other then.

Instead, as forty-somethings one warm day in March, after laying on the grass, looking at the sky, listening to the birds sing the happy song of approaching Spring, they had a chance to do what childhood sisters do. Their imaginations flowed, their hands creating quickly while their  sisterly bond increased and they worked together until the fairy house was complete.

It was in a word, MAGICAL.


To those who believe they’ve run out of time or cannot mend or create a relationship with someone whom they’ve hurt, ignored, or never even known, I challenge: go and give it your heart and soul. Give your love freely and without judgment or boundary. Learn about, seek after and cherish every morsel of information and moment of closeness that you can obtain. You will never, ever regret forgiving, being forgiven, loving or being loved.

It really is what life is about. And wishes really do come true because today, I built a fairy house with my sister.


Apis Melliflora said...

I love the time we spend together. It is always magical. Love that we built a home together. Love you.

The Queen Vee said...

Love this post, every word of it…..and that is one cool fairy house.

christy said...

This may be one of my favorite posts of yours for so many reasons. Beautiful in every way.

P.S. Patsy would die over this fairy house. It won't surprise you to know she has an entire Pinterest board dedicated to fairies. 😊

Ronalin said...

Samantha, you have a beautiful life because you make it that way, thanks for sharing. I love your desire to love every minute of the road we call life!