March 20, 2014

If It’s Going To Snow In March …


Then by golly, we’re going to discard all the rules and eat the snow! We got a foot of snow on Monday, cancelling school yet again. Most of our snow this year has come with sub-zero temps preventing any play time for the kids. Our St. Patty’s Day snow was a perfect play snow so we finally headed to the big hill in our neighborhood for some sledding.

It was Owlie’s first time on the big hill. Normally he is happy in the back yard on our little hill. He went down five or six times all by himself. He alternated between loving it and being totally freaked out by the speed of it all. After climbing up the hill fifteen times, he was exhausted and justed wanted to sit and eat snow. I found him a “clean” patch and let him go to town. It is a childhood right of passage to eat snow, right?


RedDog was the daredevil of the day. He went down forwards, backwards, on his stomach, on his pants with no sled and had all sorts of nerve to even hit some of the jump ramps that other kids had created. I love this picture of him I snapped on my phone. He looks super tough!


Hannie B met up with her bestie Nicole and they were as goofy as ever. These girls are so well suited to each other! They are angels – both snow and real.


I’m happy to report that I went down the hill at least ten times. It was so fun to play like a kid with my kids. I’m only just now writing about this because I couldn’t bear to look outside and still see snow on the first day of Spring. It has mostly melted, but we are due for more next week.

I can say with finality that I am done with Winter. I am ready for Spring, warmer temps, flowers and trees blooming and kids who can go outside. This last play in the snow was me saying “Farewell Winter. Be gone already!”

I hope it’s a warm first day of spring where ever you are!


Tracie Carter said...

Sounds like we need to send some of the Fasching lessen your way to scare off winter!

Darci said...

Everyone is praying and fasting for snow in Southern Utah so send some here!!!

The Queen Vee said...

The amazing thing is how quickly it all melted away. I'm hoping that it is that last snow for this winter, it is officially SPRING! Love the photos of the kiddos.

Apis Melliflora said...

We're not done with the snow yet either. I'm sure of it.

But I did manage to go running on the first day of spring, stubbornly refusing to wear a hat, then regretting my decision as my cold ears only warmed in the last little bit of my run.

Way to embrace the weather you're given!