March 24, 2014

An Eggcellent Idea …


What a crazy weekend! We ran from sun up to sun down on Saturday. Part of the fun over the weekend was helping Big C put together a fun way to ask a good friend to Prom. Apparently the kids these days can’t just say, “Hey, do you want to go to Prom with me?” That would be super lame.

We decided that since Easter is fast approaching, it would be fun to use an egg to ask his date.

I blew all of the liquid out of the egg by poking a small hole in the top and making a little larger hole in the bottom. Then I washed the egg out with water and let it dry for a day. We decided the egg had to be a fantastic color, so we sprayed it gold. If you’re wondering, eggs take spray paint REALLY WELL. Just the egg alone was so pretty!


Next we typed up a punny little note that said ‘Here’s an eggcellent idea: Let’s go to Prom!’ Big C rolled it up tightly and inserted it into the hole on the bottom of the egg.


The egg then got the royal treatment by being wrapped in a box with the message “Crack Me”. We put a huge bow on it and left it on her porch with a giant bouquet of Spring colored helium balloons.

The sweet response his date had made this a really fun effort! She was laughing, smiling and dancing around with joy and told Big C he made her year. His response was that it was only March. Funny kid!

Now we make plans for the dance. Have you ever done a creative Prom invite? I’d love to hear so we can stock up on ideas for the future.


The Queen Vee said...

No, but I know a lot of people who have.

I hope they have a blast. Both Chris and his Prom date will always remember this experience… is good! We are each unique and special, especially when we chose to make it that way.

Aiketa said...

This is sure an eggcellent idea! I agree, the egg was so pretty, that pretty that I would have felt bad if I had had to crack it. hahaha

P.S: Do you know what's even more weird than reading your blog at your house? Reading it at my house, where I've been doing so for years, now that I came back from my trip... And remembering that now we know each other in real life and also the amazing time we got to spend together! I think I still have to awake from my dream...

Apis Melliflora said...

I like how creative young people get to be in making the invitation. If I were still in high school, I would want to be the inviter. Is that allowed?

I agree with Aiketa; I would want to keep the egg!

lee kriel said...

You got a good "egg" there! I love this idea! So, so fun!

Tobi said...

For my Senior Prom, my date left me a envelope with a cassette tape in it, on my front door. (I'm so dating myself.) On the tape was my "Mission Impossible" instructions. Go to the park. Ask the man on the bench for a match. A car comes screeching out of nowhere and hands me an invitation to the Senior Prom. The invitation had newspaper clippings on construction paper. It was very unique and so much fun.

TracyS. said...

That egg was so pretty, it's a shame it had to be broken. I hope they have so much fun at the prom!