December 18, 2013

Brown Paper Packages …


Know what’s awesome? Getting an actual brown paper package tied up with strings at Christmas time! That’s what.

I love making my Christmas packages extra special in the wrapping department. I always grab a roll of kraft brown paper for my December mailings. I like to use large sheet of label paper for my addresses so they stand out. I also think a clean wrap job makes for a quicker time in line at the Post Office. The postal workers always comment in the positive.

This week I found rolls of kraft brown paper with tiny white polka dots on an end cap at Target. The line is called “Spritz” and I bought every roll they had. At $1.00 a roll, I couldn’t resist the thought of happy Christmas packages for years to come!

I tied the packages off with red and white baker’s twine, making sure to not cover up the address label.


I hope the recipients smile from ear to ear when their brown paper packages tied up with strings end up on their front porch! Do you have your packages mailed? Are you like me, do you do a little happy dance when a package ends up on your doorstep?  Happy Mailing!


Apis Melliflora said...

Smiling ear to ear. Check!

The Queen Vee said...

I want some of that paper, lets go look for more of it tomorrow.

TracyS. said...

Great paper- What fun you must be having with it!
I love packages- sending and receiving.