December 10, 2013

An Almost Perfect Day . . .


Yesterday was almost a perfect day. The snow, the cocoa, the snuggly warm house.

Then at dinner time three people were yelling at eachother and fighting before we even sat down at the table. I couldn’t stand it one more minute, so I yelled louder than all three of them, “STOP! All of you leave the room and come back in when you can have a better attitude. We need a reset!”

They stared at me stunned and then sulked away. One of them may have been an adult. Ollie quietly muttered, “I sorry, Mama.” He hadn’t even been a part of the problem.

We came back together and had dinner. Then I had to apologize for my yelling. I didn’t know what else to do in the moment. It’s what I like to call “shocking the crazy out”. My yelling was the equivalent of throwing a spastic tantrum child into a cold shower. You’d better believe I have done that before.

Today we are all home again with more snow falling by the inches out of the sky. Even the Hubby is here working from home. We’ve had family scripture study together. We’ve snuggled under fuzzy blankets. We’re now having a little technology time. Gingersnaps are on the docket.

It’s a chance at another try for a better day. I’m so glad we can all try better each day.

(Tried a little bokeh shot with my tree. Do you know what bokeh is? That’s when the lights are fuzzy orbs instead of in focus. It’s dreamy, isn’t it?)


AllisonK said...

I had a temper tantrum last night. So glad to know I'm not the only one. (not that I'm rejoicing in your pain… you know….) So thankful for children who are patient and forgiving.

LOVE the bokeh!

The Queen Vee said...

I still lose it and I don't have kids in the house, oh wait, I forgot the man child I live with.

Apis Melliflora said...

The fuzzy Christmas lights make any yelling and temper tantrums fall away into the backdrop. I'm just going to stare at those lights for awhile.