November 7, 2013

My Boy (In A Blazer!) …


Yesterday Big C got out of school early to go with my parents to Richmond where my grandfather was inducted into the Army Ordnance Hall of Fame.

I had prior commitments and could not attend, but Big C was happy to go in my place, spend some quality time with his grandparents, take place in a little history, and learn more about his great grandfather.

In honor of the event my dad took Chris to pick out his first blazer. He looked so very dapper.  He also looked so very grown up.

Here he is with his equally handsome Papa, my Dad. I’m so glad my boy got to go to Richmond with his grandparents.

Memories in the making. Happy times.



The Queen Vee said...

Those two dudes are handsome fellows. Funny, they both kind of have their hair styled the same way.

Chris Lee is looking very sharp and oh so grown up. He was a good sport to hang out with the old folks last night.

TracyS. said...

I hope they made nice memories together.

Apis Melliflora said...

Daper gentlemen indeed. Papa looks very proud.

Aiketa said...

hahahaha I agree with The Queen about the hair! Haha funny!

I don't know much about Army... but it seems to me to be such a huge thing to be on the Hall of Fame! :)

P.S. Richmond is where I have some family in Virgina! :)