October 24, 2013

Let’s Talk Deep Fried …


It’s unnerving how excited I look in this picture! Can you guess why? While I was in Texas, Ronalin and I visited Historic Spring, a charming district in her town lined with old shops and yummy eateries.

Our first objective that day? Tried a Deep South treat in the form of something deep fried. Did you know about the deep fried/ Deep South thing?

This is what we chose. Do you recognize it? It’s a deep fried Oreo cookie. I want to lie and tell you it was disgusting. But it was in fact very, very delicious. The cookie filling was warm and gooey.  Squeezing that sucker in between a pillow of deep fried batter was GENIUS.


Eating a deep fried Oreo was definitely a once in a lifetime event for me. I don’t do a lot of deep fried food. I always feel a little sick afterwards. Ronalin and I shared an order of the Oreos. Two for each of us. I had a hard time finishing the second one.

If you think we’re disgusting, it’s okay. I just want you to know we showed major restraint. Look at the rest of the menu:

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you I’ve been wondering about a deep fried Snickers ever since.



Apis Melliflora said...

Deep Fried translates into County Fair for me: food to eat while you're oogling the county's largest pumpkin and going on rides that might fall apart or give you whiplash.

Wreaks havoc on my digestive system too.

RONALIN said...

No doubt about it, THEY WERE DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

The Queen Vee said...

It all looks good but would not settle on my stomach very well. But when in the south you've got to go with the flow and deep fried cookies looks like a good choice to me.

Aiketa said...

This made me think of a traditional food we eat here in Catalonia during Easter. It's called "bunyols" and usually families make them at home. We still do that at our house and they are delicious! Mmmm my mouth is watering right now.

(Search at google images "bunyols" and you will have an idea of what I'm talking about.)

Oh, funnel cake!!! I eat it for the first and only time when I was in Virginia back in 2009. We went to King's Dominion (an amusement park) and bought some. It was good but with only a little it was enough for me.

P.S. Love your big smile in that photo!