September 24, 2013

Dear Teenager …


Why are you so incredibly big? You used to be small and cute and think I was awesome. Now you are handsome and think I’m embarrassing. You used to sit on my lap and let me snuggle you. Now if I kiss your cheek you want to die.

It makes me sad that you are gone from our house at 6:30 in the morning and don’t get back until 6:30 at night. I’m not going to lie – I miss you.

When you are home, you’re immersed in homework – homework I can’t help you with because my math skills are lacking and I don’t remember Biology. I hope you know I’m not dumb. Just smarter in practical things now.

I am sorry that you are injured right now and out for the rest of the Cross Country season. I know how disappointed you are. I am proud of you for staying committed to the team and helping out at meets even though you can’t run.

Could you do me a favor and clean you room? Nobody wants to live with a slob. Some day – sooner than any of us want to admit – you’re going to have roommates. They may be slobs. Please be the clean one. Some day you’re going to have a wife. She won’t want to live with a slob. Trust me.

In return, I promise I will try really hard to quit freaking out when you are driving. It’s hard. But I am going to try.

Thanks for being my son. I kind of love you a whole lot. I hope you know it.  You are awesome. Even if your feet stink.

Love, Your Embarrassingly Cool Mother


squeezeme said...

Beautiful letter, Sam. Maybe I'm just sentimenal today, but it brings tears to my eyes. These kids are growing up just too fast. That's why I love photos so much....they remind me to enjoy the now.

Sue said...

Love this! I envy your dedication to blogging and recording these important thoughts. They will be a huge blessing to your family.

Apis Melliflora said...

Yep, embarrassing to him now, but totally amazing to him a few years from now (and probably under the surface even now). You are a funny, smart, loving and endearing Mom.

The Queen Vee said...

Dad and I still embarrass our kids and there are times when they still embarrass us....hopefully those little situations are happening less and less....but maybe not.

Love your big teen, I think he's turning into quite the cool young man thanks to his uncool parents. Hopefully in about 4 years he'll realize how truly COOL you both are.

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Aiketa said...

Beautiful letter Sam! Love it.
And you made me remember of when I used to be embarrassed of my parents. Specially, when going clothes shopping and my father would ask to come with us. For some reason it was ok to go with my mother, but not to go with both of them... hahaha I some times made him stay at home... Poor him!