September 16, 2013

Change Is Hard …


On Friday I cut bangs. It’s a change. Some people weren’t ready for it. I’m trying to help them along. In doing so I’m finding an analogy for life.

Change is hard. Our human nature fights it. We like things to stay just the way they are because it makes us comfortable. But we are not meant to be static. We have to accept that things will change whether we want them to or not.

God has made us beings capable of change. If we did not change, we could not improve. I am aware of so many changes I need to make. I am aware of how I fight them even though I know they will bring added joy and blessings into my life eventually.

Thinking about  change immediately reminds me that our best friends, the Mecks, no longer live here. It has been a rough transition for us. I think RedDog and I are taking it the hardest. I keep telling myself they’re not gone. They’ll be back soon. But they won’t. That change has happened.

The reality of change is that at first it seems impossible to accept. Slowly, as time goes on, the change becomes the new reality. Then we slip into that place of comfort again.

I am grateful for change. I find that in most cases, it is during times of change that I turn to the Lord the most. I grow the most. I realize things about myself I didn’t know.

How do you feel about change? Do you fear it or welcome it?


Apis Melliflora said...

Depends on what the change is. Good change: going on a vacation for a change of pace & scenery. Yay! Neutral change: changing hairstyles, fashions...those can be perceived either way. Bad change: illness and injury. Don't like those. No Sir-ee. They help us grow, but they are unpleasant.

JulieB said...

Love the bangs! And the hair color. I cut bangs when we first moved here, but I don't think they're thick enough. Yours are inspiring.

Change is hard. I am homesick for the East Coast fall right now! But you're right, we grow during these times.

Ronalin said...

Change isn't easy for those who caused change in their friends lives either. Love you and don't forget how strong and amazing you are. I was the benefactor of your many talents, service, and charity. I know I will be forever because that is what friendship means. Since I am not there to monopolize your time I know that it is the opportunity for others to receive from you also. However jealous that makes me, others will have joy from you and knowing how sincere and genuine your friendship is. You are great and I miss you much!

Aiketa said...

I agree with Apis, it depends on what kind of change it is... But it's so true that change makes us grow (but it's only with time's perspective that we realize of that)
Two changes that I think made me the person I am today are:
- Going to Barcelona to study Medicine: it was hard at first because I felt that what it was supposed to be my new home didn't feel like home at all... Also to live in such a big city didn't help at first. Now I know it was one of the best decisions ever!!! And if possible (economically) I will encourage my kids to leave home when going to the university.

- My mom's cancer diagnose: this was for sure the hardest change in my life. But what has influenced me most and shaped me into who I am. Since that I learned how important is to show love for the people in our lives. I try to do it as much as I can! And also to be grateful that my mom is still here and celebrating her 60th birthday next Thursday! :)

TracyS. said...

I don't like change so much. But I get used to it quickly if given a warning.
I love the hair!

The Queen Vee said...

I love your hair along with 98% of the other people who've commented on it since you got it cut.

I also LOVE change, in fact I'm ready and waiting for change on a daily basis.

No one likes bad change, challenges, trials, problems but as others have mentioned, particularly our dear Nona, difficult change can be good, a blessing and almost always an opportunity for growth....even though that growth may be very difficult and painful to acquire. It's called refining!

The change I'm not real excited about right now in my life is the many changes that come with aging. Nevertheless, I'm grateful to have lived long enough that I have the opportunity to experience these ongoing changes. Believe it or not they do represent an opportunity for growth and understanding. They also give one an appreciation for youth, estrogen and energy.