August 28, 2013



Last night Big C and I successfully hosted a get together for some of his high school friends. It was somewhat spur-of-the-moment and had me running around to pull things together by myself since the Hubby was out of town and Big C had a cross country meet that ran late. (did you catch that pun?)

I was pretty nervous about this little shindig for a couple of reasons. First, would the kids have a good time? I wanted Big C to feel confident that his friends would enjoy themselves. Second, we love our house, but it is on the smallish side when it comes to hosting lots of people. Seven teenagers take up space. Would they be comfortable or feel squished? Third, I have three other kids, all of whom I knew Big C would want to be out of the way. That’s an easy task with two of them. Then there’s a certain four year old.

We did pretty good on two of my three worries.

We had pizza and watermelon waiting for the kids when they got back from the meet since most of them ran in it. Teens like pizza, right? Then we pulled out our favorite S’mores making ingredients and the kids sat around the fire pit talking for a while.

Ollie wanted to be out there the entire time and was yelling and screaming because nobody wanted to jump on the trampoline with him.  I had to haul him off to bed in a total meltdown. Not fun.

Once Ollie was gone, there was some trampoline jumping and then Big C and crew headed down to the basement to play ping pong and goof around in our dress up clothes. Teenagers are silly. I love it.

They finished up the night being introduced to BBC’s Sherlock. I think we have successfully hooked six new kids on that show. The last time I went down to check out the scene there were seven large teens sprawled all over the basement couch and floor. It was a tight fit, but I think they had fun.

Whew. I’m glad it’s over. Many of these friends (whom I adore wholeheartedly) live in mansions with pools, game rooms and acres of land. I am grateful they would come hang out with Big C at our house. He felt very happy at the end of the night and I felt grateful I had the opportunity to do something for my boy.


Apis Melliflora said...

Sounds like a perfect teen hang out night to me.

I love everything about your house and yard...most but, even more, I love all the people who live there who fill it with love and laughter.

Christa said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. Takes so much thought and creativity to entertain teen friends and make it look casual and effortless. Meanwhile us moms rack our brains!! Also thanks for the Sherlock Holmes recommendation. It is so hard to get shows that teen boys would be interested in. Your son is very blessed to have such a cool mom.

The Queen Vee said...

Christa is correct, Big C is very blessed to have you for a mother.

I would have loved for my mother to want to and then put together a party for me and my friends like the one C and his friends had the other night.

Poor little Owlet, youngest always wants to do the things the bigger ones are doing, especially the cool bigger brother.

Aiketa said...

It sounds like a perfect night! And I agree with the comments above, Big C is so lucky to have you as a mom and that you were willing to have them here at your home!