August 12, 2013

How To: Ipod Idol

ipod idol

{Me rocking out to a little Neon Trees}

A few readers have asked about one of our family reunion activities called Ipod Idol. Here are step by step instructions if you’d like to use this at a reunion, a party, or just to embarrass the heck out of your kids!


1. Gather willing participants. Participants need to understand one basic tenet before performing . . . this is NOT about sounding good, it’s about having FUN. If they cannot laugh at themselves or are worried about looking dumb, they should not participate.


2. Each participant needs to have a song ready to go on their iPod which they know most (if not all) of the lyrics to. Song choices can include anything from hip hop to rap to musicals to power ballads. You name it, anything goes!


3. You will need a good pair of head phones that cover the ears completely. We just happened to have my nephews “Beatz” headphones. Crazy, I know.


4. Turn the volume up almost all the way (this ensures that you won’t hear any of the comments or laughing from your audience). Then put on the headphones, push play, close your eyes and sing your heart out like you do in your car or shower.


5. It’s even more fun if you add a little choreography while you sing. Just make sure you don’t lose your balance and fall into someone’s lap!


Why is iPod Idol so fun? Because the audience gets to hear the person singing, but doesn’t hear any of the music. That alone is hysterical. Add in some dance moves and choice singing voices (I am talking about myself here) and it is instant comedy.


I saw a side of my Hubby I have NEVER seen before. He was the best.


Little kids love iPod Idol. They love performing and I am always surprised at how many of the lyrics they know to popular songs.

Let me know if you give this a try. It is so much fun.


The Queen Vee said...

It was way fun and I'm proud of all my little grands who were willing to participate and say boo too to my adult kids who wimped out.

The Queen Vee said...

That's boo hoo, not boo too.

Aiketa said...

Oh! Ipod Idol sounds like so much fun! Thanks for explaining the dinamics of it. I will suggest that we do it the next time we have a dinner party with the theatre group. It could be so much fun... They will laugh so much with my poor singing skills... hahahahhahaha I would too!

Is there any winner? Like the one that does the funniest number? Or it's just for fun?

christy said...

That sounds super fun and entertaining. I'm going to have to put that on the list of "must do's" at at the next Wilson family reunion. You Lees know how to party.

Apis Melliflora said...

I'm game for anything silly and self- deprecating. But I think this game would be more difficult for someone with real musical talent. Since I have none, it was easy..except that I couldn't remember my lyrics.

AllisonK said...

We have something similar planned for our family reunion next week. You should see the little guys belting out the "not ever" Taylor Swift song. Makes me giggle just typing this.

LOVE the photos!