August 16, 2013

An Oasis In The Desert …


Near the beginning of our time in Utah we got  to meet up for a day with our dear friends the Grimmers. Whenever we are with the Grimmers, it is like a breath of fresh air – an oasis in a desert.

Interestingly enough, I captured several pictures that day which express this idea perfectly!

Above, our three oldest children spent the morning together in the Draper LDS Temple. I can think of no better place to act as an oasis from the harsh climate of the world than the temple. I love that our teenagers wanted to start their day off together in the temple.

Here’s my Owlie with the Grimmer’s dog Elsie. He was smitten the minute he saw her. The spent time together in a shady oasis under a tree in the yard. Funny, I just noticed their hair is the same color!

ollieelsieRedDog found his oasis in the Grimmer’s swimming pool. He spent hours underwater testing out a personal breathing apparatus. I think he may have to certify SCUBA after all the fun he had. And if you’ve ever wondered why we call him RedDog, just look at his hair in this picture. RED.


While I am not in favor of posting any pictures of myself on the internet in a swimsuit,I love this picture of me and my dear friend Scharman. This girl has known me for almost twenty years, knows all my junk and still loves me, listens to me and advises me. She is like a drink of water to my thirsty soul.


Four different oasises (oasi?) in one day. It was a good one. Thanks Grimmers for your hospitality and friendship. We love you!


Aiketa said...

Four great oasises, I must add.
Love your swimsuit Samantha!!! I've been wanting to buy myself one exactly like yours but never found the good one. I love red with white polka dots!

Have a great weekend!

The Queen Vee said...

I love all the photos but especially the one of Red Dog.

Your oasis's are the real deal, Utah is basically a desert.

The Grimmers are anything but "Grim", they are "Great", maybe they should change their name to the Greaters :-)

Some of your combined kids are looking very grown up.

squeezeme said...

We LOVED spending the day with our Lee Friends! It is a treat to get to see how fast your kids are growing up in person- and of course I am always delighted when my girls get to bond with Miss Hannah! They loved their extra time with her. Thanks for coming to visit!