July 18, 2013

Road Trip Insanity: Family Reunion In One Post!


This year we spent five days up at Bear Lake with the Hubby’s family for a really fun, jam packed reunion.

I could write a separate post for every single thing we did at the Hubby’s family reunion. It was all AWESOME! If I did that, I would be even more behind! Instead, I’ve picked one photo from each activity to share (I missed some of the activities because I was sick, but hopefully most are here). If you have questions about details, ask me in the comments.

Above you can see  that minutes before driving away from our week together I accomplished my most stressful assignment: trying to get as many of the thirty-nine of us smiling and looking at the camera as possible for a family photo. Way to go Ollie (front left) for ruining my plan.

Our reunion included teenager boys who could walk right into the lake from our house.


A color run that ended up with an adult chalk fight.


Rope swinging into a glacial lake after a nice hike.


Ipod Idol. I peed my pants and cried the ugly mascara cry it was so funny.


Grandparent/Grandkid time.


Beautiful sisters-in-law.


Boats, tubes, skis, wakeboards, sand volleyball and lots of LAKE TIME.


A jacuzzi for hanging out with cousins!


A photo booth for big nerds!


A kids’ craft of marshmallow gun making which turned into an adult marshmallow gun war.


Cute babies with mustaches! (we laughed for a long time about this)casenmustachiostelliemustachio

Three birthdays on one day = a smashing birthday party!


The traditional family baseball game.


One last lake selfie from the Dragonfly.



Christa said...

Oh my goodness it seems so fun. Your family get togethers always seem like such a riot. You are blessed. I would love to steal some ideas for our small family get together this summer. Your family playfulness is contageous. Laughter and Joy are wonderful memory makers. Thanks for sharing.

The Queen Vee said...

Wow, we can't top that, at least not this year.

Helps to have a lake nearby if you're going to have a chalk war.

Those 3 boys, you know the ones I'm talking about, they are growing up.....growing up cool, tall and handsome.

My fav pics, nerdy Hannah, she makes me laugh. Oh, and those mustached babies. I like Ollie and his dad catching some rays on the water too.

Christa said...

I just have to ask......How do you have a diy family color run/chalk fight?

Aiketa said...

Looks like the perfect family reunion!!! That must have been lots of fun! :) How great!!!
That place also seems really beautiful one.
Oh and I really like your swimsuit, I love polka dots! And chalk fight... sounds so much fun!

I didn't realize Ollie was covering his face in he first picture until you said: "Way to go Ollie..." Ups! How many siblings does Travis have? You are a lot of people!!! :)

Apis Melliflora said...

Okay, I wanna be a Lee, just so I can go to one of those reunions.

Did you really do The Color Run?! I really want to run that! I love your self-portrait and all the other pictures too. What a joyful reunion.

Apis Melliflora said...

23 Grandchildren?!?! I can only imagine the fun and chaos.

Apis Melliflora said...

Make that 25!!!