June 26, 2013

Today Is About This:


I have exactly three days left with her.

We can’t even be together because her movers are packing her house and I am supposed to be packing for a cross country journey. Stupid packing.

Despite all the complications barring us from hanging out, today I am going to serve the heck out of this bestie of mine.

It is how I am swallowing up my grief.

It is how I am coping with my impending loss.

It is how I am telling her one last time in person that I love her and would do ANYTHING for her.

Stupid moving.

Now I’m crying.


Apis Melliflora said...

Besties are so wonderful. I'm so glad you have her and she has you. You both look lovely in this picture. Good thinking to take some pictures of the two of you together!

The Queen Vee said...


Serving is the best way to deal with loss.

The times they are changing but your friendship will continue to grow...trust me on this one.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry your beastie is moving so far away. Tell me you have Skype loaded on your PC or phone...

Anonymous said...

wow. did NOT want to say "beastie". jeez. BESTIE!

Kernal Ken said...

In my day, when your friend moved away, the only practical way to communicate was write a stamped letter and wait for the reply.

Today, you can be in touch in a million ways, most of which are very cheap or free.

BTW, I see Jumper has jumped back into your yard.

Aiketa said...

I know this must be so difficult, but think, as Kernal Ken said, that nowadays it's so very easy to stay in contact. So, try to focus on that.

And, you two are gorgeous!!! I love how both your cardigans and earring match perfectly!!

Have a great trip!!! Take many pictures, and then please share them with us! I bet you will get to enjoy so many beautiful sceneries across the country!