May 13, 2013

One Little Monkey …


Took advantage of sheet cleaning day.


To use his parents’ bed as a makeshift trampoline since the real one is currently broken. How could I stop him when his face looked like this:


There’s just something about a little one defying gravity that puts a huge smile on the face.


My children are constantly reminding me of an important lesson – sometimes you just need to put responsibility aside and live in the moment. Have fun! Be spontaneous. Think like a child.

I love that I caught Owlie doing just that. We giggled a lot. It was good for my soul.

How was your weekend?


Aiketa said...

hahahahahahahha I'm smiling ear to ear!!! I love Owlie's excitement!!! It's the best!!!
And I agree, it's impossible to stop it when you see his happy darling face!
Such a great reminder, I sometimes forget that too!

I'm happy that you share this awesome and funny moments with us!

Apis Melliflora said...

Getting some good air there Mr. Owlie!

Our bed has been the trampoline for some time now. Luckilly, no monkies have fallen off and bumped their heads.

AllisonK said...

Love bed jumpers!

Had a lovely visit with your mom yesterday! She is wonderful.

The Queen Vee said...

Oh to be a child again. Great photos DF.