April 16, 2013

What A Weekend (Part Two) …


Despite the traumatic injury to his jaw, Big C received his Eagle Scout Award at a Court of Honor on Sunday night.


It was a wonderful night filled with people our family loves. My sister surprised us by driving all the way from Ohio to be there!  Almost all of Chris’ former scout leaders were in attendance. Many of them participated in the actual ceremony. He was awarded his Eagle by a dear family friend (and mentor) Melaney Tagg.

But his dad got to put his new neckerchief on.


Then my son gave me a pin, a hug and a thank you for supporting and encouraging (prodding) him towards his Eagle. (This is my trying really hard not to cry face.)


It was great to hear so many people pay tribute to the boy we have raised. He’s a good egg. We are all very proud of Big C.  My dad was especially proud! You can’t tell in this picture though.


And then there’s this picture. I don’t really have much to say about it. Except that honestly, for as exceptional a boy as mine is, each of these girls is just as amazing. Really, it’s true! And they adore my kid.


Way to go Big C! Way to smile your way through the pain of an injury for a night where everyone honored you. You worked hard. You earned it! Love you, boy.

PS. Please remind me to stand up straight!


The Queen Vee said...

Big C gave us a weekend of highs and lows. He handled both better that I did. It seems like only yesterday he was newly born and now look at him, growing up, up, achieving goals and yes, surrounded by a gaggle of gorgeous girls. There's no stopping time, one can only hope that time, love and good parenting will produced a great man. So far it's looking good.

Sue said...

Way to go, Big C! Did he get to recount the injury for a rapturous audience? I love the picture of Mom, Dad, and Eagle Scout with the beautiful spring blossoms. And look how straight and orderly those badges are! Nice work, Scout Mom. So cool that Melissa came!

Sue said...

P.S. Big C is totally rockin' those red sneaks!

Apis Melliflora said...

He's an impressive and amazing young man. Such a heart warming and perfectly orchestrated ceremony. Kudos to everyone who made it possible!