April 10, 2013

Save The Date …


Because mark my words – these two are totally getting married!

Has there ever been a more perfect couple in all of coupledom? His freckles and blue eyes. Her rosy cheeks and beautiful hair.

I’m telling you, I can just feel it. Someday when they fall in love all over again, they are going to give me beautiful grandchildren.

Does that creep you out? I hope not. Because I’m banking on it for several reasons.

Number one, I need to be able to hear Owlie call her Sucy (pronounced SooSee) when she’s 21. He knows her name is Lucy. He tells me all the time that her name starts with L. He even draws L and tells me it’s for her name. But he doesn’t care. Sucy is a term of endearment and she totally responds to it. Because she loves him.

Number B, I am bound and determined to be related, even if it is only as a distant in-law, to my best friend Ronalin. We talk about it all the time. And short of pairing up her seven year old daughter with Big C, this is my only hope.

And finally, they have snuggled together many times, often while playing pretend house. She is the mommy and he is the daddy and they have baby puppies who go to the bathroom in diapers. It is so awesome. I could sit and watch it for hours.

In fact, I do. Here’s the proof:


So there you have it. A wedding is in the works! Save the date. In seventeen years, these two will be the “it couple”! Owlie and Sucy foreva.


Aiketa said...

They are so so so so so so so CUTE!!! I love how they are looking to each other in the first photo and their rosy cheeks!
For what you say, they sure love each other, lots! How adorable!
And it must be so much fun to be grandparents to the same kids as your best friend. :)

Way to go Owlie and Sucy!!!

The Queen Vee said...

Hope it works out for them and you. They really are adorable together.

Should number B really be number 2? I tried to figure out how you typed that but B and 2 aren't near each other. You must be channeling me.

Ronalin said...

Love this post Samantha! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my Lucy and your Ollie are the most adorable 3 year olds I know. So, I know that we can do flower arrangements for weddings together, we have experience. The pictures of the two are keepsakes.

Apis Melliflora said...

Sweet adorable children.

It would be wonderful if we could pick our children's spouses...
or if we could officially become related to our best friend.....
or if our children would pick our best friend's child as his spouse with no assistance, prodding or encouragement from us whatsoever.

That would be awesome.