April 4, 2013

Over and Out …


Photo by Mei Mei Photography

I’m taking a blog break through this weekend.


Because it’s General Conference and I need to be inspired so I’m gathering questions I need answers to. It really is my favorite way to learn God’s will for my life.

And because Hannie B’s play opens next week and I’m in charge of costumes. Three HUNDRED costumes.

And because Big C’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor is next weekend and I have to bake a billion cookies, bars and little pies.

But the biggest and is because a special guest came to my house at two o’clock in the morning and I want to give her my undivided attention.

I’ve got THE Jennie Doezie at my house.

Over and out wonderful people.

PS. I love this picture of my family from Hawaii. We just look like we have something very important to do together!


Sue said...

Enjoy a fabulous weekend! Can't wait to hear about your wild antics with Jennie!

Aiketa said...

I hope you had so much fun with Jennie while she was here!
Wow, three hundred costumes!!! That's a lot! Ask for help and collaboration from everybody.
I know how stressful it is as the date of the premier of a play is coming closer. It always happens to us, we frequently get so overwhelmed with the costumes, scenography... But at the end, everything turns out great!

Aiketa said...

I like this photo too! :)