April 29, 2013

Mystery Hair …


Funny story. Lately I’ve been short on time in the mornings with Big C’s many dentist appointments and Owlie’s early school start. I also totally spaced a much needed hair appointment, which means I’ve got dark roots for ages and a style that is desperately in need of shaping and trimming.

This results in me wearing my hair in its natural state much more frequently than I normally would. Its natural state, by the way, is curly. Okay, really, it’s wavy-frizzy-crazy with some really nice curl on the underneath side.

Here’s where the funny comes in.  Every time I wear my hair like this, and I really do mean EVERY SINGLE TIME, my dad will say one of two things to me: 1) What happened to your hair? or 2) I just don’t understand where you got that CRAZY hair from!

It would probably help to give just a little bit of context here. I am the offspring of two parents who both have textured hair. Neither my mom nor my dad has straight hair. I would call my mom’s hair wavy. My dad also has wavy hair. Of course, I think if you asked him, he would say he had straight hair.


In his mind, I have straight hair. And even though I have had curly hair since I permed it in Junior High School almost thirty years ago, he can’t understand where this hair comes from. Every time he sees it, I feel like he’s trying to solve some great mystery.

So today I’m solving the mystery for my dad.


I love you. Thank you to you and mom for the DNA that gave me curly hair. It’s a major time saver in the morning.


Your Crazy Haired Dragonfly.


Sue said...

I'd love to have me some of that time-saver hair!

The Queen Vee said...

My hair does not curl like yours, it waves and flips. I'm convinced that if dad let his hair grow long it would be curly, or curlier than mine. I'm sure that our combined genetics gave you your curl which I love.

It reminds me of when Grandma C. came to visit us when we lived in Heidelberg. Every day she would ask, " Where did Christopher get his nose from?" and I always thought, "Dear woman look at your own nose."

The Queen Vee said...

I need to either shave that plaid throw or get rid of it, it's looking pretty pilled

Bells said...

So cute! I wish I lived near enough to my dad so that he could tell me I have crazy hair! You are super cute with curly hair or straight!

brendag said...

Love the curls!

Apis Melliflora said...

You have a little Olivia Newton-John going on with those curls.

You have seen my hair in its natural state, right?!

Hurley burley curley! Genetic ditto!

Aiketa said...

I like your curly hair!!! I really do!
I've always wondered the same thing: "Why do nice curls always are on the underneath side?"

I straightened my hair for a period during High School but after a year of so, I got tired of how much time I had to spend with the hairdryer. Ever since I wear it curly except from time to time when I go to the hairdressers and ask for them to straighten it. When that happens, my dad always says that he like it better curly. Even some times when I tell him I'm going the hairdresser's he tells me: "Ok, but don't get it straightened, I like it better curly!"

And I must admit that I always think I don't look like me with straight hair...

Tracie Carter said...

I've always liked your curls too - you always seems to know how to do your hair cute, even if it's for girls camp! Great picture!

Emily said...

I love your hair naturally curly!