April 19, 2013

Friday Randomness …


Getting a late start this morning as I’ve been in bed snuggling a feverish Owlie boy.  Thoughts are rolling about in my brain so I figure I’d better share:

  • This picture I took in Old Town Alexandria a few weeks ago is making my day. So many things to love – crumbly brick, old windows, green ivy climbing higher and higher.
  • I have run out of “soft food ideas” for my jaw-injured boy. We’ve got two more weeks of soft/liquid diet and the kid won’t eat soup or anything else remotely normal. Help?
  • I’ve started rewatching ALIAS on Netflix while I iron. I love that show so much. Suddenly ironing has become a priority again.
  • Photos from Hannie B’s play coming next week! I’ll take my camera tonight or tomorrow to get some great costume shots.
  • My Hubby and I went out on a spur-of-the-moment date last night at 9:45. We walked into the new FIVE GUYS in our town three minutes before they closed. Rude? Maybe. But that burger was delicious!
  • My allergies are at an all time high this year. I wake up every morning having practically gouged my eyes out in the middle of the night without being aware. It is a little disturbing.
  • Got to do a maternity photo shoot yesterday. The subject? My bestie Ronalin! Did I forget to mention she’s going to have a baby in like FOUR WEEKS!
  • Who wants a new recipe? Which would you like first? A delicious orzo salad or a very delicious take on the traditional lemon bar? Weigh in with a comment.
  • My Hannie B can finally wear an XS in the Junior’s department. I feel like her world has been blown wide open. Now, if only I can find something modest for her to wear. I want to kill the inventor of “butt shorts”. So, where do you shop for your tiny teens?
  • RedDog and Owlie have taken to watching My Little Pony. Should I be concerned?
  • I love folding laundry. I’m really good at it. Unfortunately, I’m equally horrible at putting it away.
  • Do you ever worry you’ve totally messed your kids up? Please tell me I’m not the only one.

I think that’s what I’ve got today. Randomness for reals. Have a great weekend!


Apis Melliflora said...

I love the random posts!

We all love {aka mess up} our kids in our own special way.

I've still never eaten at Five Guys. Good or bad? Not sure.

The inappropriate, sexualized clothes trickle all the way down to babies and toddlers. So sad.

Hope Owlie gets better and Hannie B breaks a leg again (though not literally).

Tracie Carter said...

Awesome list! It's always funny to me the myriad of thoughts swirling around our mom brains! I've never had orzo so that recipe is interesting but Ryan requests the lemon bars, bitte :) I hope Ronalin let's you post her pics!!! Love her! And just cuz I can't contain my excitement, we've found 3 living relatives here to shed light on Ryan's German family in Berlin for the past 100 years!!! His German grandmother immigrated to the US as a newlywed in 1930 and after giving birth to 8 kids, died suddenly of a heart attack when her youngest was just 2. Ryan's mom was just 9 so can you imagine our excitement at the possibility that these people might have stories of her mother and if she has any direct cousins? I'm off to Berlin on my own Monday to see what the Archives have. Have a great weekend!!!

Bells said...

Love the randomness! Here's some of my own: have you tried allergy shots and prescription Patanol for your eyes? Both have helped me.
I too have a xs size 0 teen. She has found cute modest things at Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale H&M, JCP. It is really hard to find Bermuda length shorts. Especially since the Spring lines are out in Feb when you don't need them yet and if you do buy them they might not fit in the summer. Lemon bars please for my treat loving side, followed by orzo salad for my looking for lunch side. does jaw boy like smoothies? The frozen yoplait mix from Costco is yummy. No soup? That's too bad. Do you have Kneaders there? They have some delicious soups. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE!

The Queen Vee said...

I always enjoy your "Random" posts.

Aiketa said...

I also enjoy the random posts!
One of my flat mates also watches shows while he irons. On the other hand, I never iron, but still watch shows! ;) (I only iron some clothes are really need it and before wearing them.)
I hope Big C is doing better with his jaw injury. I sometimes eat cream of carrot or bean or pumpkin soup. I don't have any more ideas to give you, and probably these are on the list of things he don't like.
How awesome about the maternity photo shoot, specially because is of your best friend!

Sue said...

Mack loves My Little Pony, too. My college age nephew just informed me that there are grown male fans of My Little Pony called "Bronies". I am troubled. And I might have to ban Mack from watching it on Netflix.