March 31, 2013

Weird Things My Kids Do …


If you didn’t know already, having kids is like built in entertainment. It is one of the reasons I love being a mom. My kids make me laugh every single day.

Spring Break was full of fun and full of funny things. I caught a few on camera to share with you.

First, this is Big C with an ingenius contraption he built to enable him to flip on the trampoline while filming himself. Yes, his iPod is covered in tape. Yes, it is also taped to his nose. Go ahead and laugh! I did. But he didn’t care because after about fifteen tries, he got the shot he wanted. Smart kid.

Next up is my hilarious Owlie. He wanted to be outside with the big kids. I yelled from the kitchen, “Okay, but it’s cold outside and you need to have on a hat and your shoes.” What I didn’t know is that he was currently sans pants. He came running into the kitchen and told me he was ready to go. I love that little weirdo so much! He looks like a happy garden gnome. He got to go out, but with pants.


Last one for today. My daughter is a rebel without a cause. Case in point was her lunchtime admission that she’d pierced her nose. The proof she offered up was this ramen noodle nose ring. She’s a serious rocker, isn’t she?


I’m grateful my kids make me laugh. It makes the hard parts of parenting easier to handle. Happy Monday!


TracyS. said...

Thanks for sharing- they made me grin.

The Queen Vee said...

I love these weird kids, the photos were a great start to my day....I laughed.

The Queen Vee said...

No one is ever going to say to Chris like Red Ridinghood said to the wolf, "Oh my, what big teeth you have."

Sue said...

I wanna see the resulting video!

Aiketa said...

hahahaha love this post!
Wow, Big C, he sure is so smart and determined to get what he wanted. Yes, share the video please! :)
And Owlie, hahahaha how funny!!! And how cute him in the photo!