March 26, 2013

Eastering Around These Parts …


We’ve got our Easter decorations out cheering up the house even though the weather keeps trying to convince us it is still Winter! After looking through these pictures, it’s clear I am a sucker for anything in pale pastels with a vintage vibe to it. I also apparently have a thing for bunnies – as long as they aren’t real ones that poop in my back yard.

In addition to a cloche full of eggs, here’s what’s out this year:

A chippy bunny to go with chippy painted architectural cast offs.


German paper Mache eggs which were a gift from my mom and remind me of my youth. (I’m 40 now, so I can call it my “youth”, right?)


Lots of lovely Easter greetings, most made by my mother, the card Queen. They look so lovely with white egg cups.


Nests with eggs (and bunnies) galore. It’s like we’re cheering our turtledove momma on with all the nests and eggs in our house! And would you look at that – my fancy new camera picks up the fuzz on the wooden box left from a Swiffer duster. Talk about detail!


More nests and eggs!


I will leave much of this up for Spring. Not so many bunnies, though. We’re gearing up for an egg hunt this weekend and a ham dinner with the family. I adore ham . . . have I mentioned?

Great news for my family yesterday as my Dad was declared CURED of his cancer after 5 years of being cancer free. We are all so happy about this news. I love you, Dad.


Apis Melliflora said...

Your Easter decor is very pretty indeed! I am always on the lookout for little lambs for Easter... but they are really hard to come by as Bunnies rule the day.

Papa Ken's news is so splendid!

Sue said...

Hooo-ah to the Kernal!

Your decor makes me happy. :)

The Queen Vee said...

Easter decor is so refreshing especially after all the Winter holidays don't you think?

I'm, of course, very HAPPY with dad's prognosis. I'm counting on him have a very long life, hopefully with me.

The Queen Vee said...

By the way, I really like the egg/basket photo.

TracyS. said...

Love the decor! It's so pretty. Best news about your Dad, congrats!

Aiketa said...

I'm so happy about your Dad's news!!! That's awesome!!! :) I hope you celebrate it too during Easter!

The decoration around your house is so nice. I really like the rabbit in the first picture. And the German eggs, and your mom's cards!

About the turtle dove, did she had the little birdies already?