February 12, 2013

Love Week 2013: To Rose, Or Not To Rose?


I had big plans for a perfect Valentine’s craft today. Then I spent two and a half hours on the phone yesterday dealing with insurance headaches and the plan was no more.

Instead, let’s talk about flowers and Valentine’s Day. Specifically, whether or not you like to get flowers on Valentine’s Day.

I got these gorgeous creamy roses from the Hubby for my birthday. They’ve opened up in the most grand fashion and are such a draw that this lady bug couldn’t resist resting on the velvety petals for a minute.

I don’t get flowers on Valentine’s Day because I usually get them on my birthday. I’m fine with that. I love having fresh flowers in my house, but during the spring and summer months I can cut them from the yard for free. During the winter, a sweet bouquet on a gloomy day can do wonders for my spirits. My birthday flowers usually cover Love Day too, which is a bonus for the Hubby!

I know many women who absolutely DO NOT want flowers of any kind on Valentine’s Day or any day for that matter.

I’m curious to know, do you like getting flowers from your sweetheart? Or are you more of a dinner and chocolates kind of girl? Do leave a comment and let me know!

Tomorrow, I’ll share my Valentine’s gift for the Hubby this year. As a reminder, this is what I gave him last year.


Tracie Carter said...

I like a nice arrangement during the winter too to brighten my day, but German florists like to use some funky colors sometimes and it makes me sad how quickly they die. I have a friend here who's husband has brought her flowers each week since their first date and after a couple years she made him stop. Then she ran into an old man at a florist shop buying flowers for his wife. He told her to ask for her flowers back because his act of buying her flowers each week was honoring her place in his life and she should be happy to encourage such a gesture. Such a sweet little story of a really thoughtful husband. Can't wait to see what you've come up with this year for Travis!

Apis Melliflora said...

I like to enjoy a meal out with my husband. A chance to talk and spend time together is my favorite activity with my Valentine.

But fresh flowers in the winter are essential for survival...I even give them to myself sometimes!

How much did you have to pay that ladybug to pose so perfectly? =)

The Queen Vee said...

I don't like getting roses, they never open up for me. I love fresh flowers but not bright colored ones...my sweetheart always goings for the brights. It's the thought that counts.

Johnson's said...

I'll take a thoughtful bouquet any day. I love all kinds of flowers and don't even mind arranging them myself. My sister and I had a conversation about whether she gets flowers from her husband. Sometimes she buys them and asks her husband to give them to her so their kids can see. She wants to raise thoughtful children. It made me think that getting flowers might be more important than I thought.

Aiketa said...

I only been given flowers once, and sure it was such a great surprise. I liked it. And flowers makes a house look better.

But I think dinner out would be my choice. Dinner + flowers would be perfect! :)

Aiketa said...

Tracie's story is so beautiful. What a great husband that man is.