February 11, 2013

Love Week 2013: Class Valentines


It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year! Love week is here and we’re in full swing at our house. We spent our Sunday afternoon crafting homemade Valentines for RedDog and Owlie to take to their classes this week.

It all started when I came upon these lovelies at Michael’s Craft, eighteen to a bag for $1.99. Are they not some of the happiest little heart mazes ever?


I put my top crafter on the job, Miss Hannie B, of course! After I printed out some clever wording, she went to work punching the corners.


I have a great love of punched corners.  I think they make everything look more finished. My corner punch is one of my most used craft tools. Happy, messy stack of round cornered Valentines, you make me smile!


Here’s my sweet RedDog penning notes to each of his classmates. Let’s all just agree that this boy and his red hair are adorbs {have you heard the tweenies using this term?}


After we signed all the cards I put a small dab of hot glue on the back of each maze to adhere it to the card.


Super simple, super cheap and I think they’re super cute!


What are you doing for Valentine’s this year? If you need a few ideas, there are some class Valentines from years past here and here.

In my dream of amazing Valentines, these could go right up to the next level if they were letter pressed. Could you even imagine? Maybe the swanky elementary schoolers do that.



Aiketa said...

You sure "a maze" me Sam with your clever and great ideas. This gift is so cute.

P.S: I was hoping for a post on your birthday celebrations! One Queen informed me of a surprise party! :D

The Queen Vee said...

AMAZing photos; that new B-Day gift seems to be working out very nicely....and as always, a clever Valentine idea too.

Apis Melliflora said...

There is no holiday your clever mind, corner punch and inner graphic designer cannot conquer!

Classsmates will love it.

Tracie Carter said...

This post is "adorbs"!!! And so is RedDog's hair! Love these although I'll admit I'm pretty happy my kids' ski week vacation (an actual week off school in Germany) falls this week so I don't have to do them for the whole class. Instead we'll be spending time together making sugar cookies and delivering them. YUM!

jd said...

i heart letterpressing!! They look awesome without it, though. You make me sick.


jd said...

p.s. HB is so pretty!! Love her makeup!