February 25, 2013

At 3:45 In The Afternoon …


At 3:45 in the afternoon, the most perfect light fills the back of our house on a sunny day. I could spend a full hour snapping pictures of my people at this time because the light makes everyone look so healthy, pink cheeked and glowing.

Last week I snuck around the corner and hid while Owlie played trains. I snapped 43 pictures without him even knowing. He is in a fantastic phase right now where he plays independently with his trains, cars, Legos or tools for up to an hour. It is magical, not just because I’m able to get something done, but also because, well, just look at him – he’s fully embodying childhood play time with that intense fascination and concentration that equals pure joy!

I think this picture could be used as an add for toy trains. I may be biased. But that little fellow is really, really cute! Also, the lighting is really spectacular. I think the sunlight is bouncing off the white cabinetry (far left out of photo) onto Owlie’s face like an impromptu light box. Nice. That and the fact that my hideously dirty wood floors look somewhat clean without me Photoshopping any crumbs out. Believe me, that is just an optical illusion!

This picture makes me realize something. I have a lot of white going on in my kitchen! Now with the white table, I’m contemplating painting the island a very soft gray/green. What do you think? And would you like to come play trains with us?


The Queen Vee said...

Owlet is at such a great age, I know you are trying to package, enjoy and save the moment. You're doing a good job.

So sad how quickly they leave the legos and trains behind.

I say paint away.

Aiketa said...

This is a great photo Samantha! I really like the light! That also happens at the afternoon in my apartment in Barcelona. During Winter it's awesome, but during Summer not that much... Too many hour with direct light by the sun, that makes it so very hot... But it's so great to have so much light.

I do like that your kitchen is so white. To me it gives a feeling of peace, light and cleanliness!

Ding Dong!!! Did you hear that? It's me ringing your doorbell. I'm coming to play!!!

Apis Melliflora said...

If you make kitchen changes, I'm sure I'll love them.
I'll take any light I can get this time of year...even virtual light.