January 8, 2013

Tiny Buggies …

For the past two days my life has been consumed by tiny buggies and their tiny buggy eggs.

Twenty loads of laundry, vacuuming, bagging up of pillows and other stuffed items, washing of hair, rinsing of hair with vinegar, cutting of hair, combing of hair, combing of hair, combing of hair, drying of hair, flat ironing of hair.  Go to sleep. Wake up. Repeat.

And this is only day three.

I have researched. I have spoken to others who’ve been through this. It is going to be a few weeks of this.

Right now only Hannie B. is affected, but we treated everyone on Sunday just to be safe. We will treat everyone again this Sunday. As you can see from the picture of our 10 minute shampoo waiting period, the kids are thrilled.

Did you know lice shampoo costs about $25 a person? Yay.

Did you know lice eggs (called nits) are clearish white and the size of the head of a pin? They are nearly invisible on my girl’s blond hair. There’s your essential lice trivia for the day.

I am determined. I am ruthless. She has already cried as I comb and pick.  I think I could have been a gorilla.

Pray for my patience. Pray for Hannie B. that her hair survives the ordeal. Pray for our washing machine that it does not break.

And someone – anyone – give me ONE GOOD REASON why God created lice.  Because I’m coming up empty on that one.


Sue said...

Oh, Sam. The plague from Hell. There is nothing else you can say about lice. I'll be praying for your sanity and Hannie B's self image. And that no one else in the house gets the nasty little buggars. Love you!

Apis Melliflora said...

Lice are as disruptive and distrubing as is possible for little bugs to be. Tied with bedbugs. I just learned that neither critter has any natural predators. A true plague upon humans! Plague be gone as soon as possible!

The Queen Vee said...

You need to be careful with the flatiron use, twice a day will probably destroy her hair. Okay, your situation is awful but this picture of Soren is hilarious. Better lice than cancer.

squeezeme said...

So, so very sorry! I love that you could be a momma gorilla. That's a good giggle for my day. As long as you are living a nightmare you've got to find the humor in it and you are! Hang in there! Love you.

TracyS. said...

So very, very sorry to hear that. Lice happen to be one of my phobias. Will be praying for you, your fam and the washing machines.

JulieB said...

Ugh. Hang in there.

Aiketa said...

Ugh, the situation is not ideal, but I L-O-V-E the photo!!! Lately your family pics (or in this case, kids pic) are hilarious.

Hang in there momma gorilla, you are going to win this battle!

Suzy J said...

We don't even say the word at our house. It has power when you say it. I never had it growing up. I thought only the poor sad sickly kids got lice....no only the poor children couldn't afford to treat it! since living in L.A. we have had it 3x. It is wretched and my heart quickens at the thought of it and my tummy hurts for you. I just follow your blog and I am having a tummy ache. They are my nemesis. THrough it all though my friends now call me the "lice whisper" I think because I become a crazy lady or all neurotic pre portions. Lice likes clean hair. So once you have treated be sure to gel the hair when the boys go to school and braid your daughters hair with plenty of hair spray (at the nape of the neck especially) I read and read and read and it all said it was really hard to catch but we kept on getting it. The cleaner we were and the more oils I used and all the fancy products we just kept passing. I washed bedding every day. CRAZY. Tea tree shampoo. They hate it. Paul Mitchell. I use it while my kids are in school (because it's kind of pricey) the second I ran out...I thought they'll be ok....got it like 3 weeks later! Swear by it. I'm sorry you are going through this. Black light. you can see them under the black light. and the laundry mat. I take everything there to just get it all clean..... I know I'm crazy...they have made me crazy. I guess you could call the Lice fairies here in L.A. for the small fee of 1100$ sigh. Now I'm all itchy. Prayers are with y'all!