January 16, 2013

My Hawaii… (Last Trip Post, I Swear)

This was our last sunrise in Hawaii. The Hubby and I walked the short trip to Laie Point to see the sun come up. We were not disappointed. Every morning God created another masterpiece in the sky for us. It was one of my very favorite things about Hawaii.

My other favorite part about Hawaii was these two kids. My Hubby has wonderful parents. This is not me kissing up. They are honestly two of the best people I know. Don’t they look awesome in their Polynesian Cultural Center uniforms? My father-in-law rocks a skirt! The only reason this trip was even possible was because of these two. I love them.

I was so in love with the stairs in the back yard that led down to the ocean. It belonged in a children’s book, I tell ya. A place to find a buried treasure or speak with a mermaid. This is where Big C launched his sea kayak from.

I took some flowers leftover from a recent wedding reception and added gorgeous red hibiscus and fragrant plumeria to it for Christmas day centerpieces. Um, have I mentioned I love arranging flowers. So fun.

Here’s the view from the lanai (porch) during the day. Would it be redundant of me to say it NEVER GOT OLD?

I should be up front and mention I didn’t have great hair in Hawaii. It was too humid and windy. But I still love this self shot of Hannie B and I wearing the leis we were given when we arrived. She’s cute.

One of the highlights for all of us was visiting our Church’s temple in Laie. It was beautiful and unique.

In the Visitor’s Center at the temple was a statue of the Christus (copy of the orginal by Bertel Thorvaldsen). It brings me peace whenever I see it.

On this morning I was up particularly early and caught the North Star before the sun came up. Man, this Earth is beautiful!

Our visit to Pearl Harbor was so special to me. Coming from a family with military history, I find myself very moved by these kinds of things. Taking my kids there was a life dream.  Seeing Big C savor every factoid and minute of it made me proud and happy.

Of course, Bic C also made me laugh at Pearl Harbor when I caught him sleeping while we waited for a tour to begin. Big baby.

On the drive home from Honolulu, this happened. Seriously – a rainbow in Hawaii with those green, luscious mountains. I die.

It was so delightful for me to capture this shot of my Hubby snoozing on the beach. It was significant to me because it meant he was in that truly relaxed place. No worries. No thoughts of everything we would be returning to back at home. Just enjoying every minute.

This stormy pre-sunset moment is just awesome. Clouds, sun, waves, green, a little bit of everything. It’s perfect to me.

Hawaii = the land of awesome trees. I tried to capture this beachside tree up close. It was so twisty and curly. If only I could have brought a branch home in my suitcase! I’m pretty it wanted to decorate my house.

Okay, last sunset picture AND last Hawaii picture, I promise. They may all look the same to you, but I thanked God each day for the vista He provided for me as the sun rose. It made me feel like I was in Paradise and I did not take it for granted.  This really was the trip of a lifetime for our family.

I will resume normal posting now. And cry a little because these pictures make me miss Hawaii and dread the snow and ice we are supposed to receive today. Alas, that is my reality and Hawaii was like a dream. WAAAAAAA…


Ronalin said...

I'm sooo glad the trip was so great for your family! This vacation will always be a great memory for you all!

Apis Melliflora said...

Great joy that it was everything you hoped for and more!

It is a wonderful gift to have amazing in-laws. I sometimes tease T that I married him for his kitchen gadgets and his parents.

squeezeme said...

Lovely. Just amazingly lovely. I'm so happy you and your family will always have these memories.

The Queen Vee said...

All the pics were great but I particularly like the one of Mona and Bob in their Polynesian center outfits. Bob looks great in a lava-lava.

Maclaine said...

My sister's husband was stationed on Oahu for 3 years. June 2010, my husband and I went to visit and I knew instantly that I had to bring our children back to the island before my sister's family was moved somewhere else. The next summer all 7 of us went back. There is just something about visiting with someone that lives there v. just being a tourist in Honolulu. I fell so in love with Hawaii, I feel an urgency to find a way to get back there. I loved see it through your eyes. It didn't get old and I'm sure if I had a blog, I'd have the same problem finding a way to not post about it for months and months.

Aiketa said...

Wow, these sunrise pictures are so so beautiful!!! I think I would have felt so "overwhelmed" (in a positive way) with all this amazing nature around me... How wonderful to feel it!

Loved each and every picture of your Hawaii trip and now I'm dreaming of the day I can go there myself...

And what in a dreamy place your in-laws are living!!! Waking up to see that, you must feel perfect immediately.

JulieB said...

Wow! Can't believe they get to live in paradise. Glad you guys had a blast, I loved seeing all your pictures. And I'm SO glad Ollie was a gem for the flight.

Anonymous said...

Loved ALL the pics and stories about your trip to paradise. Thanks for sharing them!