January 22, 2013

Late Night Sugar Rush Ramblings . . .


It’s late and I’m up waiting for these bad boys to cool so I can cover them with foil and feed them to my Hubby in the morning.  By the time I post this, it will be his birthday. Do me a favor and leave him a birthday wish in the comments today. It will annoy him and make him secretly happy at the same time.

Here are a few random thoughts going through my brain on sugar {had to try a cinnamon roll, you know, for quality control and such}:

  • Do you want to know the best way to lose weight in the New Year? Make these cinnamon rolls, that’s how.
  • Not really. They are evil, delicious, and will never let you stop with just two. You read that right.
  • Hannie B. is doing a play again at school. I already hate it.
  • If my baby tells me I’m his best friend one more time, I might have to lock him in his room and feed him anti-growth hormone so he’ll stay just like this forever. It is too cute for my heart to handle.
  • If my baby pees all over the floor one more time while standing right in front of the toilet, I might have to get him his own rubber gloves and bottle of Clorox Clean-up.
  • I jest.  Or do I?
  • Big C got his braces off yesterday. He is handsome and he knows it. I say funny things and dance like an idiot to get him to smile with those straight teeth. Made it totally worth having to see all that food stuck in his teeth for the past two years!
  • It was so cold here yesterday that when I went over to see my bestie Ronalin, I had to look down and see if I’d remembered my pants. It felt like I was standing outside her door completely nekked.
  • I’m actually excited about the SuperBowl. Not because of the teams really, but because the coaches are brothers. Makes me wonder who I’d root for if my brothers were battling it out. Probably Matt. I can say that because neither of them read this blog anymore. Too cool. Too busy.
  • I’m going to have unbelievably good Mexican food not once, but TWICE this week, and none of it cooked by me!
  • We watched an amazing movie last night: 17 Miracles. I know I’m slow to the game as it’s been out for a few years, but we loved watching it with our teenagers. We were all crying. And then to see my great, great grandfather at the end during the credits – it made me proud to have that pioneer ancestry!
  • I’ve abandoned the great idea of sending out New Year’s cards. Financially and timing wise, it just isn’t going to work out. Maybe next year we won’t get a single Christmas card. I weep at the thought.
  • Enough for now. Off to bed!

Happy, Happy Birthday to the best part of my life. I love you Hubby. You are one hot forty-two year old!

Come back tomorrow because I am about to do an experiment you won’t want to miss!


Aiketa said...

Mmmmmh these cinnamon looks delicious! The Hubby will be so happy in the morning when he wakes up.

I love your random thoughts posts. And I say, go for it! I mean the anti-growth hormone!!! He is the cutest!

And now to Travis, I hope you have an amazing day and that you get spoiled by your family a lot. I think it starts quite well with the cinnamon rolls! Happy Birthday!!!

The Queen Vee said...

To my goofy redheaded favorite son-in-law in VA I wish you a very Happy Birthday. I'm so glad my daughter chased you down and convinced you to marry her, she was determined and for a very good reason. You are a very good, smart, handsome, hard working and talented man Travis and perfect for my Samantha.

Looks like you're starting the day out right, yum!

Randomness becomes you DF.

Angie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 42 is the new 24!!! I Love your family and hope you have a great birthday :)

If leaving a comment works out it means I was really persistent because I hate figuring out new things.

christy said...

Happy Birthday, Travis! I hope it's a terrific day. I'm so glad you taught Ryan many years ago the important facts on how babies are made. It seems to be working for us, although it can be quite smelly. :) Hope you aren't too old to remember what you taught him.

LRae said...

Happy Birthday to you! What a lucky man to have a day full of homemade cinnamon rolls.

Apis Melliflora said...

Happy Birthday Travis! The fact that the day started off with the family cinnamon rolls is awesome! Hope it continues to be full of surprises.

Congrats to Big C on the braces!

Love reading all the other sugar ramblings too.

Ronalin said...

Happy Birthday Travis! I hope your day is great and wonderful. Samantha is such a great wife to make you such a yummy breakfast treat. However, I hear once you hit 42 years old that cinnamon rolls go right to the gut. So since I am such a spring chicken compared to you, I would love to help you, I know the baby would like it too! BUT, since it is your birthday, enjoy every single bite! ( I will get my sewing machine ready incase you need to expand the waistline of your pants. ;)

squeezeme said...

Happy 42 Mr. Travis! I'm glad Matt doesn't read blogs or he would be very jealous of the cinnamon-love Sammy slaved to make you!

Hope it's a great day!

Nikki said...

Your little girl is the best "warm and fuzzy friend" ever to my little Liberty. These were delicious!