January 20, 2013

Derby Boys …

Have I ever mentioned that I’m married to a complete Pinewood Derby nerd? It’s true. And I like it.  He and RedDog worked together this year to build a great car. I love that this is something they do together and love together. Here’s my boy weighing his car and all it’s wheel parts before beginning the final assembly. The Hubby is asking him, “Now RedDog, where should you put the weight on the car if it isn’t exactly 5 ounces?” These are serious life questions.

Of course Owlie had to have a car this year, too. He got to use the remnant wood from RedDog’s car. His car looked like a wedge of cheese.  He was very proud of it, as you can see in this moment he had his car officially weighed at the Derby. Our Troop has a sibling race after the actual Derby.

Here it is! The “Skull Racer”. RedDog picked out this design after reviewing hundreds of cars online. His choice is always to go with something aerodynamic instead of fancy. This car was very thin, but had a basic shape. This picture is very important because his car is parked next to his best friend’s car, The Hornet.

It’s always good to size up the competition.  Lots of good looking cars this year. Every car is different, just like every boy!

The track where dreams come true! Each car gets a chance to race in each lane. The whole thing is done with computers and the times are measured out to the thousandth of a second. CRAZY.

Big brother, I hope you know how much this little fellow adores you. He wants to be a “Scout Boy” just like you. Thanks for sitting with him and whispering the Cub Scout oath in his ear.

And this his pretty much how the race went down. That blue blur is RedDog’s car.

And here is my sweet little boy, winner of the Pinewood Derby for the second year in a row. I think he loves the trophy more than the car or the race. I’m proud of him. He worked hard on his car, deisigning, sanding, painting, hammering, weighing.

Owlie’s car came in dead last in every single race, but he still declared “I won! I won!”  Then, when he found out he wasn’t going to get a trophy, he looked like this . . . for the rest of the night. Don’t worry buddy, some day you’ll be a Scout Boy and Daddy will help you make a fast car.


The Queen Vee said...

Good job Pinewood Derby dad and Soren. Your good design and hard work paid off. I confess though I'm like Owlet, I always feel bad for all the boys and cars that don't get the trophy. As a mom I'm relieved to be finished/done with making PW Derby cars, I'm also grateful to have High School and Seminary out of the way too.

Apis Melliflora said...

This whole story put a big smile on my face. It's got all the great themes: friendship, father-son bonding, glorious victory, bitter disappointment, the excellence of speed. Way to go Red Dog!

Sue said...

Poor Owlie! That is just pitiful! Our Pinewood Derby is at the end of the month and I'm pretty excited. I am a new Webelos den leader and have never been to a derby. Should be fun!

Congrats to Soren and ding-dings to Travis!

Aiketa said...

Congratulations to RedDog!!! And what a great thing this Derby is. I just imagine how much fun RedDog must have spending time with his dad while building it.

Oh, poor Owlie! But it's great that they also think of the little ones and do a sibling race too.

Anonymous said...