January 11, 2013

Big C’s Hawaii …

When I look at this picture, it almost seems fake.  The sky, the water, the sand – they’re all too perfect. But it was real. And so was this sweet moment when Big C took Owlie into the water on our first sunrise walk in Hawaii.

Big C spent much of the trip like this: squatting down and taking pictures with his new iPod touch camera so he could tease his friends with awesome pictures.  I have to admit, it made me proud to see him take an interest in photography.

I’ve already posted about this, but Big C was the biggest user of the sea kayak.  He loved plopping that one man boat in the ocean and paddling away while investigating the water and its inhabitants.

This might be my favorite picture of all time.  Big C had just spent over an hour in a surfing lesson and was EXHAUSTED.  He came back to our warm, sandy spot on the beach and promptly fell asleep while snuggling a bag of Cheez-Its. It was hilarious!

Big C is a HUGE history buff.  His favorite TV channel is the History Channel! So, of all our kids, he was the most excited to visit Pearl Harbor. He had done his homework was telling us information before the tour guides would. I was rather impressed.  This submarine scope was a favorite for my boy.

While this picture makes Big C look like a seasoned surfer, he is not. In fact, after over an hour in the water,  neither he nor the Hubby even got up on the board.  But Big C would like me to mention he ALMOST got up twice. The Hubby almost got up zero times.  Surfing, it turns out, is very difficult.

These two are almost the same size. Help.

It was fun to see Big C rocking a temporary tatoo at the Polynesian Cultural Center.  Made him seem extra tough even though he’s really a big softie. I think Big C had a really great time in Hawaii. It’s definitely got a lot to offer the teen set.


Aiketa said...

What a beautiful sunrise that is, and what a great way to start the day!!! Seeing the sunrise always makes me happy!
The photo of Big C. with the surfing board is so great, he looks so cool! :D

I think you should post a "Samantha's Hawaii" and a "Travis' Hawaii" too! Will you? ;)

Haver a great weekend!

The Queen Vee said...
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The Queen Vee said...

Chris is cool; I'm glad that wasn't a permanent tattoo.

Apis Melliflora said...

So Big C will likely be bigger than the Hubby?! Whoa.

Wouldn't it be something if, per chance, Big C did a mission in Hawaii?! One can hope!