January 30, 2013

A French Lesson …

I haven’t done much thrifting lately due to a shortage of time and money.  But on Saturday Hannie B had a volleyball scrimmage in a distant town and I found myself wandering the aisles of a local thrift store with an hour of free time.

I’m always drawn to the dishes. I don’t need more dishes. I have too many dishes already. Let’s just blame genetics and thank The Queen for that one.

I came across this lovely platter and upon inspecting it closer, knew it must come live with me! Just look at that honey bee resting on a delicate limb. I immediately thought of my long lost sister, whose moniker, “Apis Melliflora”, means honey bee.

And right above it? A sweet dragonfly heading over to say, “Hello, Honey Bee!” As you can clearly see, this platter had my name written all over it.

It was priced at $12, which seemed high even with the hand painted design. Then I flipped it over and saw this:

It was Limoges (pronounced lee-mozh)! Limoges is a city in the west of France that was known in the 1800’s for its fine porcelain. It is still known today as the premier manufacturing city of porcelain in France.

I always, ALWAYS flip the dishes over in the thrift store. There are some very nice, usually very expensive, wares to be had in hidden corners of thrift stores. Hope you enjoyed that little French lesson today!

Experiment update: It isn’t as bad as I expected, but that’s mostly because it’s only been a day and a half and the three messiest people are at school all day. There is a trash can overflowing, a lovely stream of random stuff in random places on the floor and Hannie B and Big C’s rooms are a mess. The Hubby comes home tonight from a quick trip. Hope he can cope!


Apis Melliflora said...

Happy that you gave that long lost platter a home!

I've taken to looking at the china in thrift stores too. But haven't found anything as lovely.

Keep up the good work of not picking up!

Meaja said...

Oh my word, you scored! I treasure my little bits of Limoges I got in Europe. High 5 on taking the bulls by the horns on the messes. I have a feeling I'll have to do this with my immaculate kids soon.

The Queen Vee said...

It's beautiful and clearly meant for you, well done DF!

Aiketa said...

I agree with The Queen, it was so so meant for you. Beautiful that it had both a dragonfly and a honey bee.