December 7, 2012

Fra-jee-lay in Cleveland . . .


Raise your hand if you’ve seen and loved the movie The Christmas Story. Me too. I have watched it every year during the Christmas season since it came out in the 80’s.

There are just too many favorite parts and lines from this movie to start quoting.  But how can you not love when Ralphie’s dad wins a “major award” from a sweepstakes and opens the box to find a magnificent Leg Lamp?

Last weekend I was with my mom and SIL Audrey in Cleveland helping my sister whose home was part of a Christmas homes tour.  The Christmas Story was filmed in Cleveland, so it only made sense to drive around at night looking at cheery Christmas lights and playing “I Spy A Leg Lamp!” Believe me, we saw MANY.

The Leg Lamp in the photo above resides right down at the end of my sister’s street.  Isn’t it magnificent? {Say it like Ralphie’s Dad.}

I’m busy editing the 100 pictures I took of my sister’s gorgeous home all decked out for the Holiday Tour.  I hope you’ll join me back here Monday for a sneek peek.

Until then, have a great weekend. Our family will be playing  a carol on our bell chimes at the church party.  Thanks Jennie for such an awesome gift!


The Queen Vee said...
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The Queen Vee said...

What a fun trip.

I'm convinced if you live in the Cleveland area you are required to put up Christmas lights and of course the ultimate light is the Leg Lamp.

I felt like if we had knocked on the door of this house Ralphy would have opened it.

Can't wait to see the Home Tour pics, Mo would like a disc with all of them on it.

Apis Melliflora said...

The winkies now think we need a leg lamp! I found a new one prominently displayed just yesterday.

Looking forward to your pictures. I know you did an excellent job capturing details and vignettes!

Aiketa said...

It the first time I've ever heard of that movie, I guess I should check it out.
Hahahahaha it's so funny that someone would have a leg lamp, but I guess it makes sense if the movie was shot in the area...

Oh, is there any video of your family singing at the church party? If so, I think you need to share it with us! ;) I would love to see it!