November 8, 2012

A Lovely Gift Idea …

Are you thinking about holiday gift buying yet?  I know I am!  We are taking our kids on a big trip for Christmas this year, so I we won’t be buying them gifts, but I still have family and friends to buy for before we leave.

I think this gorgeous set of measuring cups would make a perfect gift for a culinary minded friend.

They’re so different from the normal metal measuring cups. They nest neatly inside each other and have liquid and dry measurements written inside the rim of the cup in a fabulous font. Man,I love good fonts.

I would feel perfectly happy leaving these measuring cups sitting out on the counter all the time.  They are just pretty.

What do you think?  Would you give these as a gift? Would you love to get them?

PS. These were a gift to me from a sweet friend.  I go gaagaa over them every time I use them.


Apis Melliflora said...

Almost too pretty to use!

Font & brown on white are excellent!

Aiketa said...

Sure they are pretty, and so so useful!!!
The day I have my own home I will have to start buying all these things.
I have some house gifts awaiting for the day that they will be used, but for now they just seat inside drawers in my parents bedroom.

AllisonK said...

lovely, lovely, lovely! A great gift!

Bells said...

I love them! Where can I get them and do your kids know about the trip? Where are you going? We are thinking about doing this same thing next year!