September 24, 2012

Life On The Go …

Lately I’ve been experiencing Life On The Go.  Every day I am practically running from one thing to the next.

Here’s a shot of Owlie, sitting in the car with me in the Middle School parking lot waiting for Hannie B. so we can go get braces on her teeth.  This was just one in a long line of appointments and happenings last week.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am blessed to have a happy, busy life.  This is not me complaining. This is me stating fact.

Each child in our family does one afterschool activity. We believe very strongly in not over scheduling our kids. But when you have four kids and they each have one activity, KAPOW! you are socked with driving and waiting and paying and man, it’s a lot. And since our three oldest play on teams, it’s not just games, it’s also multiple practices.

We insist that our children attend church activities mid-week.  They enjoy it. It is a nice break from all the schoolwork, sports and instruments, a chance to recharge on the spiritual front. Only Owlie complains, and that’s because he isn’t invited due to an impending bedtime.

Our Big C. is big on the social scene.  He is gone much of the weekend, either running a Cross Country race or attending a football game or shaking it up on the dance floor at a church dance. {okay, he would die if he knew I’d written that. There is no shaking on the dance floor. Just dancing.}

I have found myself with several creative opportunities lately, including hosting a baby shower and doing flowers for a wedding. These things feed my creative soul, but require time, thought and effort.

The Hubby has multiple business trips. A big bandage on his forehead is a reminder of the many medical mysteries we’ve faced lately.

All this to say that life is very, very busy. I fell asleep at 9:00 last night.  And now here I am blogging at 5:50 in the morning.  I am struggling just a bit to find that balance I’m looking for.  That zen spot where I will feel like I can do it all without being exhausted.  That place where I can fit in a long walk for my physical healthy and still get a healthy dinner on the table for my family.

I am smack in the middle of the biggest juggling job of my life.

How do you do it?  How do you keep all the balls in the air?


christy said...

I feel like I could have written this same post. Since school started I feel like we have been so incredibly busy between Addy playing volleyball for her school, two on soccer teams (one of which I help coach), two in dance and church activities, callings, training for a half marathon, etc. My plate is full, full, full. I am looking forward to the fall sports seasons ending in late October and I'm just trying to survive until then. Hang in there. I feel your pain.

Apis Melliflora said...

I don't keep all the balls in the air. There is always one on the floor. Often it is clean house. But sometimes it is balanced home cooked meal. Sadly, the ball that gets dropped the most is the taking care of self physically and spiritually.

Any chance you could work out a a sports practice carpool with a friend a couple days a week?

There's no permanent solution to the craziness, only temporary band-aids. I know you're doing your best!

Aiketa said...

You have described my life lately... except I don't have kids to take care of... But still I don't know why it's been so busy lately and I don't get to scratch every thing I have on my list of to do things...

Let's see if this week is a little bit better!