September 4, 2012

Culmination . . .

On Saturday after many hours, days, weeks and months of planning and work, our Big C. completed his Eagle Scout Project.


If you are a mom of boys in Scouting, you know exactly what I mean.

Check that box and don’t look back.

For his project, Big C. organized and ran an Emergency Preparedness fair for our neighborhood of 400 homes. The past few years here in Virginia we have had some truly wacky weather – from earthquakes and three foot snow storms to off the charts temperatures and hurricane force storms leaving people without power for weeks.  His project was timely and practical.

He did everything from speaking before our Homeowner’s Association Board to get permission for the fair and to procure the pool house parking lot as a location, to arranging for presenters at each booth and researching what they should present, to soliciting local businesses for free copies and support, to arranging all the Scout volunteers and setting up the actual fair..

It was a lot of work.  A. LOT.

And I was the whip cracker.  Every day during the month of August I made a list for him of to do’s because it was almost too much for any one teenager to wrap their brain around.  Then I was his chauffeur and cheerleader.  Our dining room became command central.  I couldn’t see the table for an entire month.

And now it is over. Except for the paperwork.  And the carrot dangling at the end of the paperwork is a cell phone.  I think he’ll get it done pretty quickly.

I am proud of him.  He showed a maturity and leadership that I don’t think is typical of a 14 year old boy.  He worked hard.  And he helped people.

It was an exciting day.  Even if my back was killing me and the stress and work of it all would prove to be my undoing.

More on that tomorrow…


Tracie said...

A-W-E-S-O-M-E project!!! I would expect nothing less from you and Travis's son! I'm glad you survived it to tell the tale. When the last child was born to my parents, my mom groaned when they announced it was a boy because her first thought was -- another scout and eagle project! She'd just seen her first of 6 boys through one and it was an ordeal. My turn will come soon enough ;)

Elise said...

And here I am crying because "there is so much to be done in the webelos handbook." I guess I'd better stop.
Great job you guys!!

brendag said...
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brendag said...

Congrats to Chris! Yeah to you and hubby for surviving an Eagle Project! Our son did his 3 summers ago. I know how much work you put into it. The lists, trying not to nag and reminding yourself every time they sigh or moan that they really do need and want your help(and they usually express gratitude after the fact). Great Project!!! I have not seen something like that done, I will pass that suggestion on to our Scout leaders.

The Queen Vee said...

It was excellent project/event in all aspects. Well done Chris and Chris's parents.

Am I the only one having problems with the word verifitcation.

Hil said...

That is VERY cool! Great job by all Lee's involved!

Apis Melliflora said...

I think his project, his hard work and his parents' support were all top notch. And, to think, Eagle Scout will be on his resume from here on in! Way to go!

Aiketa said...

Wow, I don't know much about scouting, but sure this looks like such a big project!!! But, more importantly, a project so useful for your neighbor hood!

You are right being so proud of him, that must have been so so much work!!!

Congrats Big C!!!
I don't know if there are given marks of projects (as I already said, I don't know much about scouting world) but in my world he would get the highest of highest marks!!! I'm in awe.