August 5, 2012

Easiest Birthday Party Ever …

Since most of Owlie’s buddies were out of town in July, we held a little birthday celebration for him in August!  It may just go down as the easiest party I’ve ever thrown.

I made enough PB& J, fruit kabobs, cheese cubes and carrot/cucumber slices for tons of kiddoes.  I had apple juice chilling in my cooler. The invitations instructed everyone to meet us at a favorite local park with a covered pavillion. For the first hour all the 2-4 year olds played on the playground while the parents visited. Hannie B. was the designated swing pusher {genius!}.

Then we fed the kids lunch, opened a few presents and let the kids play some more.  When they all started getting hot and sticky, I fed them cupcakes and sent them on their way.

Clean up was minimal.  There was zero food left.  At all.  We threw away some paper plates, left tiny crumbs for the ants and called it good.

When we got in the car to ride home Owlie exclaimed:  “That party was awesome mom!”

I consider a party with seven kids under the age of 4 and zero meltdowns a complete success!


Apis Melliflora said...

Easy and a blast?! Now that's my kind of birthday party! Glad the birthday boy thought it was the best.

Now what kind of birthday desert am I going to make my kids who like neither cupcakes nor cake this time?

Tobi said...

Perfect! And you didn't have to spend days cleaning up your house for the party and then days cleaning your house after the party. Although no leftover cake makes me sad. Probably because cake makes this pregnant lady happy.

squeezeme said...

Happy Bday little Owlie! Smart momma! I love bdays at the park.

The Queen Vee said...

I love easy birthday parties as I think too many kids birthday parties have turned into an expensive creative competition by their mamas. This party is an absolute winner on every level.... Owlet gave it the very best seal of approval.

Aiketa said...

If the birthday boy thought the party was awesome... It means the party accomplished its main purpose, to make Owlie happy!