July 25, 2012

Random Thoughts: Oops Edition …


Is it a little weird that I accidentally took a little two day vacation from my blog and didn’t realize it?  I think it’s because it’s Summer, I’m exhausted and really, really busy.  Here’s why:

  • I’m in project mode.  I haven’t been in project mode for a long time. Maybe it’s because my sister is coming to visit today.  Maybe it’s because I was sick of looking at my boys’ rooms that looked like dung all the time. 
  • My sweetie is on High Adventure with the Boy Scouts.  My Big C is gone too.  So I’m a single parent making grilled cheese and scrambled eggs for dinner and refereeing all the fighting on my own. No Beuno.
  • We went to Cub Scout Pack Meeting at a pavillion near a nature trail.  My RedDog got lots of awards.  And then lots of kids went home with ticks all over their bodies.  I spent the next four hours scrubbing my kids skin raw and checking them repeatedly in all the horrible tick-hiding places.
  • I single handedly cleaned out our entire garage yesterday.  It was the arm pit of America.  While in the process, I found a baby bunny hiding in our scrap wood pile.  It took me, four small children and a “runway” made of wood to direct the little fella out of the garage.  It made me sweat in all the grossest places.
  • I’ve had doctor’s appointments, dermatologist appointments, orthodontic appointments and tonight I’m getting my first ever MRI.
  • My bestie Ronalin is back in town after a month away.  We’ve been playing a little and I have felt renewed and refreshed by having “girl time”.  Plus our kids are all buds, so mine have been super happy.
  • I’ve been cleaning my kitchen every night – NO MATTER HOW LATE IT IS {see above photo}.  When my kitchen is clean at night, I am a nicer human being.  For the longest time I have expected my husband and kids to clean up after dinner because I do all the cooking.  Then I’ve felt resentful when it’s been left a mess.  I decided  NO MORE!  If I want it clean, I’m  going to do it. I am, after all, in charge of my own happiness.  It’s a wonderful sight to see an empty sink and wiped down counters when I wake up in the morning.

So, lots of little oopsies along the way this Summer that are leading up to a lot of learning and a lot of busy.

What’s keeping you busy this Summer?


The Queen Vee said...

Family, that's what keeps me busy.

It has been an absolute crazy hectic summer.

Your kitchen looks great, as I'm sure your garage does too minus the bunny.

May the Force be with you tonight.

squeezeme said...

Hang in there! You are a woman who accomplishes many, many good things!

How did your MRI go??

Anonymous said...

I think you secretly must like to be busy because that's all you ever seem to be.

I have been consumed with Joel not taking any leave from work until October. My Grandma fell and hit her head and had to have two craniotomy's. Cub Scout Day Camp and the joys of parents being upset with me. Dentist appointments, ultrasounds and my first time taking engagement pictures....later tonight.

I have been praying hard for you and thinking about you a lot. I'll be anxious to hear the results of your MRI.

Elise said...

You are a girl after my own heart, I hate waking up to a messy kitchen!!!
Ticks? Ugh, how do you manage? What is the correct way to remove a tick? I'm sure you know. My dog got one once and I got on the Internet to see how to get it out, I was shocked to find out that every thing I ever thought I knew about removing a tick was wrong.
Thank you for writing this little blog I enjoy reading each and every day!!!

TracyS. said...

Wow- I am with you on the last one. If it's that important to your happiness, don't leave it for someone else.
Prayers for you and your MRI.

jd said...

1. Grilled cheese and scrambled eggs for dinner is AWESOME. Single parenting is hard.

2. After camping in Yosemite this past weekend... one of my friends found a tick in her nipple. Yes, I said it. Trump :).

3. Garage cleaning: major!! Add a bunny and a lot of swoob... wow. You rock.

4. MRI... hang in there little one. Prayers your way!

5. Love Ronalin!! So glad she's back :)

6. I LOVE your kitchen! It is a place of joy and I love the decor. I miss being in it!!

7. What's keeping me busy this summer? Spending lots of time with my adorable boyfriend :). Oh, and four funerals in five weeks, in other words lots of luncheons. Sigh.

Aiketa said...

Books. That is what is keeping me busy this Summer, but there aren't please books but school books... :(

It's funny, just last night I was saying to one of my flatmates how I loved this week that we were just the two of us at the apartment how every night the kitchen was all clean before heading to bed. :D

A clean kitchen always makes me happy!

I hope you did well at the MRI. All my strength to you in these challenging moments.

Oh, a little bunny... that's cute! I love them! ;)

Apis Melliflora said...

Can't wait to see the room in person!

I've adopted the same clean kitchen approach myself....because it matters to me!

Yay, for friends! Boo for ticks!