July 19, 2012

In A Box …


I have an addiction.

It’s called sending awesome birthday packages to my dear friend Jennie Doezie.

It can’t be helped.  Because then she sends me even more awesome packages in return. And round and round we go.

She just turned thirty-nine this week. That stinker is an entire six months younger than me. Hmph! I decided not to hold it against her and sent her a package anyway.

Our deal is ‘pick a theme and go with it’. Last year I sent her a package centered around graphic elements. It was pretty sweet.

I had a problem this year because I kept thinking of all these great little gifts that reminded me of Jennie.  Then it hit me – why not send her a big box full of little boxes.  My theme was born:  Jennie In A Box.

I made a label for each of the small boxes to give Jennie a hint about which part of her personality the gift reminded me of. Then I filled the boxes, sealed them off and send them to my friend.

jennie bday pkg

It’s so fun having a friend like Jennie.  She stretches my creativity.  She appreciates the little details that some people might miss entirely. And she has a better camera than me so these pictures look nice. Thanks Jennie.

You’re the best!

PS. Happy Birthday!


Apis Melliflora said...

Said it before and I'll say it again: Wow!
I'm so glad I get to enjoy these spectacular gift ideas vicariously!
Hooray to the Jennie/Dragonfly friendship!

The Queen Vee said...

No you're the best! Okay, Jennie's the best too. I love you both. No doubt about it, you're extremely clever and creative. I know Jennie loved getting this/these pkgs.

JulieB said...

Seriously! Wow! How fun to have a friend to do this with.

Aiketa said...

You have incredible great ideas Dragonfly!!! And as Apis said, I love being able to get inspired by your ideas... I've already done some of your gift ideas. My sister loved her 30 friend 30 stories for her 30th birthday.

jd said...

SHE IS SUCH AN AWESOME FRIEND!!! I am the luckiest of friends to have her as mine :) THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Oh, and stop being so stinking creative. If I wasn't the beneficiary of such awesomeness (including just looking at your other great ideas), your creativity might just make me sick. With jealousy :).