May 30, 2012

Six Perfect Beach Moments …

I am aware that posts about my fabulous trip to the beach each year can become long and boring.  This year I’m going with six pictures of perfect beach moments with a brief explanation of each.

#1  Sonic Drive-In

We don’t have a Sonic in our town, so an order of chili cheese fries and a strawberry limeade the size of my head are always a HUGE treat. Slushies and tater tots for all the kids and 45 minutes left in the drive, can’t beat it.

#2 Hannie B’s Flourescent Swimsuit

It only took us buying and returning SEVEN swimsuits to find one that was modest AND cute.  It was a total bonus that we could spot her anywhere on the beach because she was so bright!

#3 Owlie Beach Firsts

Could any kid love being buried in the sand more than this?  I think not.  He also finally loved dipping his toes in the waves, digging large holes and shoeing away the sea gulls.

#4 The Perfect Photobomb

A true photobomb happens when the person being photographed has no idea there is a bomber behind him.  Well played, Hubby.

#5 Cousin Time

RedDog is never happier than when he’s with his cousins Jonah & Sam. I hardly saw him all weekend long because he was hiding out with them playing games, drawing maps or boogie boarding.

#6 Me + Beach = Happy

I just love the beach. I’m a pale, white girl who can’t really tolerate the sun that well, but I don’t care.  This little trip is what gets me through the end of school each year.  Life is good!

PS. It really was a PERFECT trip.  The two variables that can inevitably cause misery – traffic and weather – were both on our side.  No traffic and 80-90 degree weather.  Excellent, if I do say so myself!  Up tomorrow:  CASTLE COMPETITION.


The Queen Vee said...

Fantastic pics DF. All good moments for sure. How much has grown from last year to this year? It almost looks like a foot, such a huge change.

Another great trip, best weather ever no question about it.

The Queen Vee said...

How much has CHRISTOPHER grown?

Sue said...

The beach posts are never long and boring- I love to live vicariously! Great pics! I especially love your long shadow holding the camera in your self-portrait.

Janie said...

So glad you had the perfect beach trip! The vacation that ranks the highest among my kids is the time we rented a beach house on the Oregon coast with all the cousins. Unlimited access to cousins and beach= perfect vacation!

Aiketa said...

Your posts about Bethany Beach are never boring!!! WE like them, or at least I do! ;)

Happy to know that you all had such a great time, but of course, who wouldn't?

I am looking forward to vacations too! They will arrive soon.

Looking forward for tomorrow's post! It's always a hit, the Castle Competition!

Anonymous said...

Smiles say it all. I am so happy you all were able to come together for another swell time at the shore.

Apis Melliflora said...

I have a hard time picking my favorite picture. Maybe I'll just look at them all over again and pretend I'm on the beach with you.