April 20, 2012

The Show Must Go On …

hannah headshot

It’s Friday again, which means I am headed back to the Middle School to dress teenagers for the play. I can’t lie, I’m pretty much exhausted from another week without my Hubby and severe allergies.  I hope there isn’t too much drama behind the drama tonight because I can’t handle it.

I’m loving this picture of my darling thespian.  The school paid a local professional photographer to come in an shoot all the headshots for the cast and crew of the show. They turned out quite nicely. Nice enough that we ended up purchasing some of Hannie’s shots in lieu of a regular school photo.

Here’s my girl in color:

hannah headshot color

When I look at these pictures, I don’t see a little girl anymore. And then the motherhood sadness creeps in just a bit.  So hard and wonderful to watch our kids grow and change and become the people they are meant to be.  I love it.  And I dread it.  That, my friends, is the cruel trick of motherhood:  no matter how hard we try to stop it, the show must go on.

{Photos by the talented Jennifer Anderson}


Apis Melliflora said...

Those are fabulous pictures of Hannie B. She has such beautiful coloring and features. Keep on growing and becoming the beautiful you that you already are.

Break a leg (again)!

The Queen Vee said...

Love them, love her .

Aiketa said...

She is incredibly GORGEOUS!!! What a beautiful daughter, Hannie B. is! This picture (color and b&w) are amazing.

How was the play? I hope it went really really well. And I wish I could see her perform! :)