April 16, 2012

She’s A Star!

Here’s Hannie B. moments before the big show.  I specifically chose this hat and dress as her costume because I knew she’d look like a million bucks in it and guess what? She did!

All three shows this weekend were quite fabulous.  It’s a miracle considering the whole thing was somewhat a train wreck as late as last Wednesday.

I have to admit that seeing my baby girl in all that makeup really freaked me out. She’s too little.  It’s too much. Of course, on stage it doesn’t seem like enough.

We went ahead and added false eyelashes per the director’s request.  As soon as I put them on her it was like, “Pow!”. Her blue eyes exploded underneath that fringe of black.  I think I have to get me some.

Though I was busy with costume duties during all three shows, I was able to snap a picture of my girl in the wings waiting to make her big entrance.

My Hannie B. is such a sweet and true girl. I love supporting her as she uses her talents to make other people happy. These pictures of her make me really, really happy. And I get to see her in that costume three more times this weekend. Hooray!


Aiketa said...

Wow, she looks fabulous!!! You really did put a brilliant outfit for her!

Maybe I should get me some false eyelashes too... They look amazing.

Say congratulation to her from me! Doing theatre is one the best things ever!

Oh, I'm so really looking forward to perform our play the beginning of next month! :)

Apis Melliflora said...

She looks like a million bucks! Red and blue compliment her eyes and skin. Nice job Costume Mom!

So glad it all came together in the end. That's such a rewarding feeling for everyone involved.

Wish I could have seen her shine.

Tobi said...

Thoroughly Modern Milly? She looks beautiful! Tell Hannie B. I said Congrats!!

Ronalin said...

You are beautiful Hannah, can't wait to see the play on Friday!

The Queen Vee said...

Hannie B you're the Bee's Knees...a very 20ish term. You look smashing darling.

squeezeme said...

Three cheers for Hannie B from Emme, Grace and me!

We go around the house singing: "Forget about the boy!" and "Not for the Life of me!"

We LOVE Thoroughly Modern Millie!

Break a leg in your final three performances!