April 8, 2012

Like Finding An Egg …


This weekend was dandy.  I am likening it to finding an egg in a hunt.

I am so in love with this quick shot I captured of Owlie’s chubby hand finding an egg during our cousin’s egg hunt on Saturday.

Do you know what’s great about an egg hunt?  It’s got layers of happiness built in. 

First, there’s the actual finding of the egg.  At our house you never know where your next egg will be. In a tree? Under a dump truck? Nestled in some Day Lily leaves? In the bunny’s hutch? Where ever it is, when you find the egg, you’re instantly happy.

Next, there’s the opening of the egg to see what’s inside. At our house it might be candy. Or if it’s a gold egg, it could be a Ring Pop or a dollar bill.  And if you’re the very luckiest and you find the one and only white egg, you get five smackaroos! Happy, happy!

Last of all is the consuming gorging of one’s self on the candy from the eggs.  Each bite is delicious {unless of course, you’re eating a black blech jelly bean} and puts smiles on little faces and stickiness on little hands.

My weekend was a great egg of sorts with many layers of happiness.  Making Easter fun for my kids = happy.  Great weather = realy happy. Delicious food = very happy. Spending time with my family, including my parents, brother, sister-in-law and nephews = super duper happy. Reserving Sunday for focusing on the Savior and his resurrection = the most happy thing of all.

I hope you had a great Easter weekend.


Apis Melliflora said...

We had such gorgeous weather too! It was really a gorgeous day--a perfect day to celebrate finding an empty tomb and a gardener!

The Queen Vee said...

I loved this years low key egg hunt and will sad to see the day when the kiddos are all too old for it. Two years and we'll only be down to two boys, how are we going to make that thrilling?

Great pic!

TooTall said...

We had a different kind of egg hunt this year. Found on Pinterest, I stuffed glow bracelets into the eggs. We did our egg hunt at night and it was the most beautiful egg hunt ever. The eggs glowed in the dark and the kids thought it was cool to hunt at night!

Tobi said...

I love Easter too! I finally discovered last year that it's so much easier to do the non religious but fun activities on Saturday. Sunday we go to church to learn and reflect on the true reason for our celebrations.

Aiketa said...

Oh, I see you actually did have a great Easter!
And I saw a picture of Queen Vee's cake on facebook... so I know (through the look of the cake) that you really did eat delicious food (or at least dessert!). ;)